The Eagle Claw style has a long history. It is beloved by its practitioners who appreciate it as a beautiful style with fascinating movements and applications. Famous for its joint locking techniques, Eagle Claw or Ying Jiao, utilizes a base of Long Fist forms to teach its explosive style of power and grappling. Based on a famous core set like Tan Tui of Fifty Roads, the Ying Jiao is well known also for its use of Fan Zi or Tumbling Kung Fu necessitating a limber body and a flexible back.

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Eagle Claw Kung Fu

SC144 Eagle Claw Kung Fu
with VCD of the form

Eagle Claw Boxing is a famous and beautiful form of Chinese Kung Fu. Here is a great combination for learning with a book in both English and Chinese and a VCD (video compact disk) showing the entire performance routine of this exciting style. The book explains basic stances, hand movements, leg techniques, balances and jumps. It shows a learnable practice form concentrating on the Eagle's powerful claw hand, gliding actions, jumps and distinctive maneuvers. The instruction is simple and clear enough that someone with an intermediate knowledge of martial arts should be able to figure out this energetic and dramatic form. It has an introductory section showing basics Shaolin drills.


Eagle Claw Kung Fu

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KS006 Secrets of Eagle Claw Kung Fu
by Leung Shum, Master

A reissue and expansion of the FIRST book on Eagle Claw Kung Fu in the English language. The tireless Leung Shum, who teaches in New York and introduced Eagle Claw into America in 1971, here shows the theory, applications and history of this elegant and beloved Kung Fu Fist.

This is the way a Kung Fu book should be. It gives a feeling for the complete system along with lists of forms, history, experiences, techniques and principles. Leung Shum has been a true leader trying to spread the art wherever he's taught. This is one of the classical systems with a long history, excellent Chin Nah and beautiful forms. The Eagle Claw concentrates on movements of that its famous namesake incorporating joint locking, throwing and seizing techniques of superior skill.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Wuhuabao & QIanLiuShi

KE001 EAGLE CLAW : WuHuaBao & QianLiuShi
Lam WingTit & Ying FunFong
17.95, 250 pages

Contrary to what many see as one of the "animal styles" the idea of Eagle Claw is not so much to imitate the actions of the Eagle as the "strategy" and "spriit". This is a small but very good book on the traditional style by two qualified practitioners.

WuHuaBao is a Leopard form of the Eagle Claw system. Eagle Claw, being a combination of an older Eagle Claw with FanTzu (Tumbling Boxing) puts great store on agility. The Leopard is a smaller but more agile and "vicious" creature than its feline cousin, the Tiger. WuHuaBao is not a beginner's form. It has spinning kicks and tumbling actions. Though not as flashy as WuHuaBao the next set QianLiuShi is a major Eagle Claw set emphasizing the type of forward actions of an eagle skimming through the air looking for prey. According to the authors this is one of the major sets of the Eagle Claw FanTzu style.Excellent photographs, good translation, en face (Chinese/English) text, and a skilled performer make this a very good volume for interest in the subject.



Eagle Claw Kung Fu Ba Bu & Shaolin Chui

KB001 EAGLE CLAW : BaBu LienHuan Quan & Shaolin Chui
Lam WingTit & Ying FunFong

17.95, 250 pages

Eight Step Consecutive Routine: This is a foundational form for the Eagle Claw sysem. It focuses on eight sets of double actions including punches, palm strikes, throat claws, elbows strikes and lifting punches. Though not long, it is a key set with well organized actions and practical attack and defense training.

Shaolin Punching is also a fundamental set in the Ying Jiao Fan Zi style. The eagle claw technique is emphasized here and the set is strong and hard. Firm stances aid with straight forward and simple though practical actions. Some of the wider variety of strikes introduced will add the following: pressing, spring punching, lifting punches, rolling raise punches and more. . .