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Paul Eng is a well known instructor specializing in the Tai Mantis style. A long time practitioner and teacher he has produced many fine students. He started his training at the age of seven. After coming to America in 1949 he acted as Chief Instructor for the Fu Jow Pai in New York then San Francisco. He entered the army and served in Viet Nam where he taught Kung Fu and studied with reknown instructor Jiu Jook Kite. On returning to the U.S. he combined with Raymond Wong and Kam Yuen to form the Tai Mantis Association. Until his passing, Sifu Eng taught in Campbell, California. Click for a partial list of his inheritance.

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Praying Mantis Spear HandKP031 Praying Mantis - Mantis Exits the Cave #6
by Paul Eng

This book, posthumously published, is the last entry in Paul Eng's fine series of the form of Tai Mantis. This set emphasizes height change and angular deviation. The postures range from Crane stance to Tiger (kneeling) posture. As with all of Sifu Eng's forms, his light handling of the material and physical grace are immediately apparent in his actions. An inherior of not just Praying Mantis but such diverse systems as Tiger Claw, Fu style Bagua, Tai Chi and more Sifu Eng's movements exemplify relaxation and practiced movement.

$19.95, English/Chinese , 142 pages, photographs, softbound

Master Paul EngD19008 Exclusive offer from Plum...

We have decided to help further our goal of preserving martial arts by creating a new MASTER CLASS series. In this we talk to top martial instructors asking them about their experience, training, concepts and hopes for the future of Kung Fu. Paul Eng, noted Tai Mantis master, was our first choice. The product of this special Master Class is an EXCLUSIVE interview. An animated and charming speaker, Eng Sifu talks about his early days in the art; his association with the Fu Jow practitioners; his feelings about the art itself and much more. This is a special offer. You cannot buy this DVD separately from PLUM. We offer it as a verbal record of Kung Fu and its meaning in one instructor's life.

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Hear an excerpt from this interview.


Kung Fu Basics with Paul Eng

KK007 Kung Fu Basics
by Paul Eng
Normally $16.95 PLUM "hurt book" price only $8.95 (save over 45%)
paper, 190 pages, oversized, Photographs and illustrations

This book actually lives up the its title. In this case basics means fundamentally understanding of what you martial goals and efforts should be. This is much more than a technical book of how to do a horse stance. Sifu Paul Eng of the Tai Mantis system is a lifetime practitioner of the art. The topics he handles are the ones that teachers wished their students understood: how to practice, how much time should you spend, what is the right relationship to the teacher, how do you know if a style is right for you, overcoming discouragement, etc. This is a fine introduction because it doesn’t try to sell, it attempts to illuminate. Read and excerpt from this book.


Praying Mantis DVD Mantis Steals the PeachDVD#12052 Praying Mantis Steals the Peach (DVD)
Regularly  $49.95 special PLUM Price   39.50 (a 20% savings)
About 35 Minutes English

This DVD presents one of the favorite demonstration forms of well known teacher Law Kwong Yuk. Sifu Paul Eng is a lifetime practitioner of the art. His movements are soft, very refined and ever - dare we say it - joyous in execution. he never strains, he never grunts. The disk is well laid out with a history followed by basics in stances, punches and kicks. The form is cleverly shown in start-stop fashion with a complete description. Then the Four Sections are taught in a very clear presentation. Finally all four sections are shown with over 40 different applications. Sifu Eng's movements are so sophisticated that half the presentation lies in what is NOT discussed, simply shown. Here he leans a bit. Here he turns a tad. Watch and learn.

Praying Mantis Spear Hand

KP012 Praying Mantis - SPEAR HAND #1
by Paul Eng
$19.95, English/Chinese , 142 pages, photographs, softbound

One of the better books (and series) in English on the Praying Mantis style. Eng Sifu is a representative of a number of branches of Kung Fu (lineage) but foremost of these is his Tai Mantis credentials. This book is the first in a series written by Sifu Eng. It provides a brief overview of Mantis training and then teaches the Mantis Spear Hand.

Praying Mantis Bong Bu

KP009 Praying Mantis - BONG PO (Beng Bu) #2
by Paul Eng
$29.95, English/Chinese , 220 pages, photographs,

One of the better books (and series) in English on the Praying Mantis style. Eng ShihFu is a representative of a number of branches of Kung Fu (lineage) but foremost of these is his Tai Mantis credentials. Put simply this is the way a Kung Fu book should be. There is a lot of information, Chinese notes by Eng himself, theory, applications and excellent photography. A very nice effort on this famous form - considered by many to be the only one handed down from the creator of Mantis: Wong Long. In this volume Eng Sifu is aided by one of his students, another fine martial artist, Scott Ripke.

Praying Mantis Steals the Peach

KP013 Praying Mantis - MANTIS STEALS THE PEACH #3
by Paul Eng
$19.95, English/Chinese , 142 pages, photographs, softbound

In former times, when Shihfu Law Kwong Yuk, was teaching at the Jing Wu he would usually demonstrate Mantis Steals the Peach and the Three Part Stick. This goes a step further than Spear Hand in blending the hard and soft within one another. As usual, Sifu Eng not only shows the form but demonstrates applications for it with clear photographs. The entire series is a key stone in English on the Praying Mantis system.

See Paul Eng's DVD of this set.



Praying Mantis Blossom Hand

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KP010 Praying Mantis - PLUM BLOSSOM HAND #4
by Paul Eng
$19.95, English/Chinese , 142 pages, photographs, softbound

Of the three "Plum Blossom" sets of the Mantis system this one, Plum Blossom Hand, emphasizes speed the most. The stance unitizes is high, like a 70/30, comfortable and adaptable. This is probably the most challenging but also the most rewarding set in the series so far. The 8 Target areas is shown. Some talk is given on Tiger Claw training. There is a Kung Fu story from Sifu Eng.


Praying Mantis Single Thrust Blossom

KP011 Praying Mantis - SINGLE THRUST BLOSSOM #5
by Paul Eng
$19.95, English/Chinese , 142 pages, photographs, softbound

Dan Ce Hua. One of the better books (and series) in English on the Praying Mantis style. Eng Sifu is a representative of a number of branches of Kung Fu (lineage) but foremost of these is his Tai Mantis credentials. This book shows the Single Thrust Flower both in form and with applications. There is also a very interesting section explaining all the 18 styles such as Tai Tzu which contributed to the Mantis along with examples from Mantis forms as examples of their influence. Also the 12 KEY words are explained. The 18 styles and 12 Keys are also shown calligraphically.













Sifu PAUL ENG's Lineage:

Choy Lai Fut from Chin King Woon (Hong Kong)
Tai Chi from Leung Hung (New York)
Choi Gar from Chan Kwong Ming (New York)
Fu Jow Pai, Lost Track and Hung Gar from Wong Moon Toy (New York)
Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua & Northern Shaolin from Wong Jack Man (San Francisco)
Tai Chi Praying Mantis from Jiu Jook Kite (Saigon/Hong Kong)
Seven Star Praying Mantis from Kam Yuen (Los Angeles)