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Sun Lu Tang was a very influential practitioner and writer. His three forms of expertise: Tai Chi; Xing Yi and BaGua were - in his writings - subsumed under the general heading of "Internal Styles" a designation still used today. Below, his daughter shows the essence of his method. Another very influential figure in the early and middle of the 20th century was Jiang Rong Jiao. Here are a number of DVDs showing various aspects of Jiang's particular approach. Joanna Zorya performs good Xing Yi basics along with exercises and applications. Other instructors such as Liu Xiao Ling and Liang Shou You have much practice and teaching experience and their presentations are strong and clear.
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NEW!! DVD#24230 XinYi LiuHe Fist

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Were I to study Xing Yi again I would work in Liu He or Dai style. I think I echo a lot of stylists here. Mr. Liang Hong Xuan, vice-president of the World Association for the promotion of XinYi LiuHe Quan, gives a good performance of his specialty. This is the comprehensive fundamentals form for the style. Nice, detailed instruction with side comment on the structure of the form. No applications shown. Of course if you are already know the form this is reference. There is a section at the end on the theories and methods of the style including some historical background and general principles. Overall a very clear presentation. A nice note: if you are drawn to this form of Xing Yi, there are enough people of high level skills—such as Geroge Xu and company—who teach in America, and that training is available without going to China.

60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#11428 Sun style Five Elements

What is the usage hidden in the five key movements of Xing Yi? This is one of the best examples answering that question which we have seen to date. Instructor Deng Fu Ming moves and thinks like a martial artist. In a series of none too gentle applications he shows Xing Yi as it should be shown: that is, a series of very simple movements which hide a multitude of applications and responses. He also changes moves spontaneously as he talks giving us a valuable insight into the way a Xing Yi artist would fight.

52 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#11429 Sun style Linked Boxing

People often want applications with their VCD demonstrations. This series, based on Sun style Xing Yi, is exceptional in the precision of the details regarding usage. The instruction break down is also quite details with many fine points on posture and alignment. Instructor Deng has a well refined sense of angles and timing for fighting. His hands are quite fast, as befits a Xing Yi artist.

52 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#11430 Sun style 12 Animals Combat

Also a student of Liang Feng Xiang, teacher Deng here shows the famous 12 animals of Xing Yi. As with other VCD's in this series, the details of usage and instruction show a real understanding of martial thinking. The movements are quick, clean and mean. The rather simple looking actions of Xing Yi are shown to contain all the key concepts of even the most sophisticated martial experience. A good representation of general XY principles. This is a Double VCD.

104+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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Double DVD

DVD#11431 Sun style Mixed Fists of Xing Yi

Zha Zhi. This is one of the more famous combination sets in Xing Yi training. It combines the animal and elemental movements. It also specializes in retreating moves. Deng's approach is different, his movements do not emphasize graceful transitions but rather issuing of energy and directness of movement. Deng's interpretation of Xing Yi is very direct. His method of teaching is not just a rendition of the classic movements but, even when he is introducing the form, he will repeat moves again and again to show their characteristics. Applications are shown, mostly from a spontaneous clash where Deng then points out key points. he's not always elegant but he's always flexible and to the point.

52 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#11432 Sun style An Shen Pao Combat

In the world of Kung Fu there are many two person sets. The majority of them are mediocre down to ridiculous (though a heck of a lot of fun). An Shan Bao, a well known XY form, is one of the most realistic and rational, especially for boxing skills. The hands are fast and immediate, eschewing the wasted motion of so many paired forms. How do you show applications for a duet form? Teacher Deng goes over the form after it is demonstrated showing key points to the application of the moves. Contrary to what one might think, the evident movements of the form are insufficient for understanding even a two person set if explanation is lacking.

52 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#11434 Sun style Xing Yi Ba Zhi Combat

Another classic Xing Yi practice shown with attention to detail and in a completely non-dramatized manner. Teacher Deng gives extensive applications at the end of the VCD.

48 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#18042 Sun Xing Yi 12 Shapes

Deng Fu Ming, who is an experienced Kung Fu instructor, shows the famous 12 Animals (Shapes) of Xing Yi. His demonstration is clear and informed by his experience as a fighter. The twelve shapes differ from one Xing Yi style to another but they are all good because they are movements you can practice in any order one animal at a time or mixed together as you want.

53+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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Xing Yi with Luo jin HuaDVD #29958 Xing Yi Stylistic Fist & Loose Shell

This title is just another proof that electronic translators don't always work. Try San Shou Canon Boxing.
This form was arranged in 1971 through efforts of both Luo and his teacher, Sha Guo Zheng. It contains the five elements, the Ba Shi, the 12 actions and others transitional methods. This is a fast, complex series of Xing Yi fighting actions and follows Xing Yi’s general paired practice of very direct attack and defense. Luo starts the breakdown with a discussion of the importance of San Ti stance. The instruction ends with some valuable key points to refine.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles         

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Xing Yi with Luo jin HuaDVD #18145 The Xing Yi Quan of the Chinese Army

This DVD accompanies the book of the same title by Dennis Rovere. Read text notes to find out more about this book.


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Xing Yi 5 Elements with Liu Xiao LingDVD #12070 XingYiQuan 5 Element Fists

Instructors Liu Xiao Ling and his crew once again issue an outstanding DVD; this time on the Five Elements of Hebei XingYi. We like this series for a number of completely obvious reasons. First, the videography and editing are some of the best currently in the field of martial instructional information. In this case there are not only English subtitles but English language overdubbing if this is more to your taste. The opening credits are beautifully done with Liu Sifu doing XY to superimposed elemental themes. The instruction isn't only good it's detailed, intelligent and direct. We like to see Xing Yi shown in this highly flexible manner, where variations and applications are given spontaneously and casually while revealing the strong principles of core concepts. There are interesting testimonials by his students, all of who know what they are talking about. Liu Sifu answers questions charmingly and intelligently dealing with FAQ's like the differences between the Xing Yi styles, characteristics, how to practice, etc. He is a true believer in Chinese Martial Arts and appears to be a concerned gentleman to boot. His lineage is also strong coming as he did from Pei Xi Rong from Fu Jian Qiu from Li Cun Yi from Liu Qi Lan.

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Liu Xiao Ling's LiuHeBaFa
Liu Xiao Ling's Wu Dang Qigong



5 Elements Xing Yi staff and spear DVD #18125 Xing Yi Five Elements Staff & Spear

Instructors Tony Chen and Tai He aid Liang Shou Yu in showing the set which doubles as Xing Yi Spear and XY Staff. The Five Elements are demonstrated in both form and application for each weapon individually. Also, there is a good number of applications from the sets wielding the respective weapons against the Japanese sword. This DVD includes: Five Elements Moves and the Five Elements form (the same one) for both weapons .

Liang Sho Yu started martial training at the age of six. He is a multiple gold medal winner and the author of over 20 books. His efforts to promote the way of Wushu are long term and determined. He is one of the rare teachers from mainland China equally at home in the traditional and the modern.

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around an hour,

12 Animals Xing Yi  Staff 7 SpearDVD #18126 Xing Yi 12 Animals Staff & Spear

As one might expect, the second form of Liang Shou Yu's series offers a set with wider and more complex movements. First the actions, applications and practice lines are shown for each of the 12 animals for each weapon. Applications for each element are demonstrated. next we have the essentially same Xing Yi set applied to each of the weapons. Then more excerpted applications against other weapons.

around an hour,

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5 Elements Xing Yi SwordDVD #18127 Xing Yi Five Elements Sword

Both the individual elements and the mixed elements are performed for both the Xing Yi straight sword and saber. Helen Liang performance shows a good, strong straight sword with special characteristics of being very direct and mostly wielded with both hands. The Xing Yi saber shown by Tony Chen is also different in that it is a "ghost head" design performed without typical saber wrapping around the body. Good applications and partner exercises.

Helen Liang (Liang Hao) started training with her father at the age of four. She is a multiple gold medal winner in international competitions. She has appeared in many Wushu publications. Her LiuHeBaFa performance and DVD is available through Plum. .

around an hour,

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12 Animals Xing Yi  SwordDVD #18128 Xing Yi 12 Animals Sword

This DVD exhibits 12 individual animal actions for Xing Yi saber and straight sword. It also goes into applications for the individual moves and for sections of the linked set. The set itself can be performed with either straight sword or saber and, given the distinguishing characteristics of these two weapons, is therefore a little usual. Helen Liang is particularly strong in her straight sword section.

Tony Chen (Chen Zhao Hui learned from his father, Chen Jian. In China he won numerous gold medals. Coming to America he was the USA kicking boxing and Kung Fu champion in 1997. He is the founder of )-Mei Kung Fu Academy of San Francisco.

around an hour,

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Xingyiquan i & ZHuan

DVD #12033 Xing Yi: Pi and Zhuan applications
Joanna Zorya, instructor and head of the Reeling Silk Kung Fu School lives in Lancashire, England. She has years of experience researching the internal arts. She is a firm advocate of the practical and accessible self defense knowledge held within these practices.

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around an hour,
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From the DVD slipcase: "GONGFU students are sometimes told to 'look beyond the obvious application.' Unfortunately, if you are a beginning student with no martial background at all, you may not know what the 'obvious applications' are. This was certainly true of me when I started out. The DVD aims to teach you how to fight, even if you have no previous martial knowledge.

Joanna Zorya Xingyi DVD

Another phrase sometimes used by Xing Yi teachers is that 'to know one application is to know ten.' This DVD will show you lots of simple and very literal applications with variations and tactical considerations. I also show you how to maximize your striking power and how to practice safely with a partner. Basic training methods and important postural factors are also covered."

Section One shows "Forms & Foundations" such as standing practice, stepping drills and hand methods.
Section Two shows "San Ti and Pi Quan" with fighting applications for Splitting (Pi) and the basic SanTi (Three Powers) fighting posture.
Section Three shows "Zhuan Quan" with combat applications for Drilling Fist (Zhuan).

See ShiFu Mancuso's comments on J. Zorya's work

Xing Yi Nei Gong

#18070 Xing Yi Nei Gong
Compiled/Edited by Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell, about 30 minutes

Drawing on information from Zhang Bao Yang, Wang jin Yu and He Yu Qi all students of Wang Ji Wu; Miller and Cartmell have created a text based on Xing Yi but geared toward Nei Gong (Internal Training). Few people today realize that "Chi Kung" is a neologism referring to what has generally been termed Nei Gong for centuries.

In other words "Breath work" was always called "Internal Work". What's the diff ? Nei Gong implies a greater discipline, more power and most importantly a more rigorous application of the principles with more formal structure. Chi Kung implies a watered down version one might teach one's grandmother if she's had no previous training. There is a place for either but, with the sudden popularity of "Chi Kung" it is refreshing to see this admittedly technical but basically sound text on the subject from a Xing Yi Boxing standpoint.

Included are sections on: Wang JiWu and his lineage
LiuHe (6 Harmony) Xing Yi written transmission
Xing Yi Standing Practice
Health and Strengthening Exercises from Xing Yi.

Take a look at Tim Cartmell's Book  

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Sun style Xing Yi

DVD #10025 Sun Tai Chi Sun Style Survey

SUN JIAN YUN, the daughter of the very famous martial artist and writer, Sun Lu-Tang leads this demonstration tape of the Sun Style. Though the cover lists Sun T'ai Chi there is more here than that. This is not an instruction DVD but starts with a performance of Sun T'ai Chi by Sun Jian-Yun, herself an "old Shihfu". Other students and family members help demonstrate T'ai Chi, Sun Style Ba Gua Partner Sword practice, Sun Style Hsing Yi Fist Set, and a rather nice Sun style Xing Yi sword. Little talking but a lot about the Sun style for the interested student.

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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Bagua/Xing Yi

#10893  Xing Yi Mixed & Ba Shi Boxing

With Sha Guo Zheng's student, Luo Jin Hua, as performer. Luo's Xing Yi is truly one of those branches where the marriage so often talked about between Xing Yi and Ba Gua is evident. His Xing Yi is much livelier than the stilted, posed series of movements often associated with this form of Boxing. In this DVD he demonstrates two short and pithy forms, both famous in Xing Yi annals. "Mixed" is a set combining five elements and the twelve animals. Ba Shi relies on posture and is good for internal and external practice.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles        

Quantity  $19.50

Xing Yi  12 Shapes with Luo Jin Hua

#10894  Xing Yi 12 Shapes

With Sha Guo Zheng's student, Luo Jin Hua as performer. Luo's Xing Yi is truly one of those branches where the marriage so often talked about between Xing Yi and Ba Gua is evident. His Xing Yi is much livelier than the stilted, posed series of movements often associated with this form of Boxing. In this DVD he demonstrates the twelve animals and actually gives a sense of their definitive aspects, diversified flavors.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles        

Quantity  $19.50

Xing Yi  Theory and Techniques

#10903  Xing Yi Theory and Techniques

With Sha Guo Zheng's student, Luo Jin Hua as performer. Luo's Xing Yi is truly one of those branches where the marriage so often talked about between Xing Yi and Ba Gua is evident. This is a "lecture" disk though he demonstrates constantly. What Luo does on this one is go through San Ti then the Five Elements in detail. At the end he shows the Five Elements Linking Form. The main point he stresses is the variability of the five elements. After introducing them in a stand manner he shows them doubled, angled and varied. A clear exposition on an essential part of Xing Yi.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles        

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Shihfu Mancuso's comments:
Joanna Zorya's DVD on Xing Yi Applications:

"Brevity is the soul of wit." So we've been told and so we might consider Xing Yi Boxing a very witty style. Where, in some methods, we find that short and sweet moves are merely "simple" Xing Yi goes beyond the simply unadorned. It is CONCENTRATED mayhem. Keeping this in mind, Joanna Zorya's demonstration of these significant Xing Yi actions exactly matches the essence of this style. She shows a movement. Then she shows its applications. Then, crucially, she shows it's application with the most important of the "IFs" added. What IF the punch is blocked? What IF the opponent changes angle? For those unfamiliar with Xing Yi it is hard to comprehend how fundamental this is to the flavor of the style. We should remember that Xing Yi is based on elemental changes: Fire to Earth, Metal to Water and such. As in Greek thought, the idea is that everything - every THING- can be seen deriving from the transformation of a few basic elements. The Xing Yi attitude toward combat has been exactly the same for over 1000 years. It takes relatively few primary movements and adapts them immediately and forcefully to each situation. This changeability of Xing Yi is directly linked to its initial precision. You have to be in the right place at the right time to exercise your option to change. Joanna Zorya's explanations show these major concepts at the core of her demonstration: precise, correct and mutable.