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George Xu (Xu Guo Ming) has been an influential promoter of Chinese Martial Arts almost from the day he arrived in the West. Expert in Xing Yi, Tai Chi, Bagua and the rare Lan Shou Boxing, he is an enthusiastic teacher who is also very concerned about finding out the truth of CMA. A constant student himself, his style is natural, spontaneous, aware and predatory. His insights are of the kind which "give away the secrets" right in public, where often they are missed. He has probably been the topic organizer of visiting teachers from China who, amazingly, are proponents, like himself, of edgy, traditional, serious and what we call "organic" Kung Fu which, always and forever, resembles nothing so much as the soul of the performer and never the pasteurized line and lean of modern performance martial arts. Many of these following DVDs are, indeed, lectures which some times less than perfect sound and lighting. Often George narrates for others with a thick accent and his own often humorous insights. These will require a lot of study but, the nice thing is, there's a lot to study here.

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Tell me about Lan Shou Men Kung Fu

George Xu Tai ChiNew! DVD#25146 Basic and Advanced Training Exercises
George Xu
$49.95 Over 2-1/2 hours
, 2 disks

This compilation of Sifu Xu’s basic and advanced training exercises takes us through the presentation given at China Camp in 2007. It’s impressive how the same relaxed, almost shapeless, movements here correlate to the further developments on a more universal play that will come as he develops his own style.  At this point he is showing the integrity (not ethics, structure) of an otherwise fluid series of loops. Always challenging and always some key point to learn.  

I'm just going to come out and say it: Sifu Xu's breakdown of the Taiji movements is brilliant. Many people have tried to do this to a particular form of Tai Chi but merely disassembled it without retaining the essence. If you’ve been around for a while you can spot his vertical circle as rollback, his stance training as anything BUT stationary. As a matter of fact, many of XU Sifu’s movement are so primal as to be nearly universal. This is roughly the same approach as in his other highly recommended DVDs, but this set possibly references Tai Chi even more. One important aspect of Geo Xu’s training and teaching is that they are the same. He is not aloof from the search.

Xu contrasts internal and external saying there are three important levels.

  1. The internal body must be intelligent.
  2. The internal body, that knows the form, goes first.
  3. The internal body must be able to attack.
  4. Sifu Xu demonstrates this at length by a lot of peng jing practice with the students, with Xu repeatedly practicing on partners.

And don't miss the wonderful section on Xu responding to the question, “What was your biggest mistake?”

The key with Sifu Xu is to train you to see softness as a dynamic alternative for most other movements; thankfully, his actions are consistent with his theories, and he demonstrates this constantly.



Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25113 12-Animal Xing Yi Lecture
Master Jiang Bao Kang
About 45 minutes,
Chinese language with English Translator $19.95

First the mechanics—too much distance between speaker and audience creates some troubles for listeners. A little ambiguity is added by dampened lights in the lobby.

These aside, we have here a step by step tour of the important points common between Tai Chi, BaGua and Xing Yi with special emphasis on the last. As happens in this series and a few others, the knowledge discussed is enlivened tremendously just by hearing it from people who know the general shape of the disciplines. Jiang is a clear teacher and gives a lot of instruction, and understanding is aided by the immediate translation into English, although a little scrambled at times. Nonetheless everything resolves those all-important “gongs” showing a detailed overall structure to Xing Yi. In demonstration we see a powerful and well-trained spine and a fluid waist; in fact, the waist skill is most notable in the BaGua demonstration. 

DVD#25119 10-Animal Xing Yi Lecture
Master Qian Zhao Hong
About 45 minutes, Chinese language with English Translator $19.95

This, essentially, what the face of the DVD says— a LECTURE. Very little movement, and immediate translation but not entirely clear or slow enough to catch all the fine points. Posture, movement, points and applications are all touched on, but really could be better offered to practitioners with a pretty high level of training. Put this one on a shelf, and keep returning to the contents, periodically.


George Xu Tai ChiNew! DVD#25159 Tai Chi Silk Reeling Applicationswith George Xu, 2 disks
Regular price $49.95 PLUM price $39.95, Over 2 hours

"...and some have greatness thrust upon them."

With few exceptions, I can see a very small group of people in these last  decades who have contributed as much to the spread and development of classical Chinese martial arts as George Xu (Xu Guo Ming).

This new double DVD shows a fuller face to the architecture he is designing. Everything about his approach the last few years has been like a great painter opening another route of exploration; like Picasso’s blue period or Kandinsky’s dancing colors. That's probably the reason he felt compelled to create his new style. (Ling Kong Shen Shi Men: See last Xu post.)

Are you talking about traditional martial arts or what?

Contrary to what so many think, following the old masters can be a source of tremendous knowledge. But you must be willing to own and change what they began, a task not many want to take up. None of this bothers teacher Xu at all. Tradition, in his case is, reborn fresh.

What is he doing, exactly?

First point, he is re-invigorating the spirit of martial studies. This double DVD uses the concept of python-like movement and tiger-like movements—but not as theatrical demonstrations, unlike the stylized and ritualized movements of, say, snake boxing. Instead, he brings the animal back into the art.

So, how does he do it?

With pure intentionality. Every type of movement demonstrated is immediately and obviously “natural.” This living practice blends with all of the previous discoveries found on his last few disks. Though structured, his movements—which sometimes barely resemble martial moves—allow for a kind of captured space instead of a set of actions, no matter how fast. He fills that space with a cloudburst of spontaneously generated actions.

Is this like doing basics?

More like discovering basics. He is whole-hearted in application. When he executes, I spot an energy like a weed cracking cement, barely visible until it has displaced any obstacle. George is a polyglot in the world of  energies. He easily switches from a technique like felling a tree, to threads weaving through all defenses without a sign of its sneaky path.

George Xu reconstructs methods which even dedicated martial practitioners have abandoned for meaning,  just practicing out of loyalty and, sometimes, laziness. In his hands they bloom again.

Because he wants to reclaim the power of Kung Fu, he is diving into the backload of martial movements, returning them to a state where they no longer pretend poses are power. His jellyfish-like shivering, or windstorm tree branches completely translates to his forms. That’s right, his most formless movements are drawn with the same brush as his fighting technique. There is no disparity.

There are flaws, of course. The camera work on this series is not exceptional, the helpers sometimes unable to follow Xu's quick thinking and rickety English. It all has a minimalist feel. So, buy one or all of his DVDs, but take time out to listen carefully  and move in a manner that is unpunctuated, bringing power from the “somewhere else” we all know, but rarely find.


Note: Just to keep the record straight, except for a couple of short workshops, I have no connection with Teacher Xu at all. Just like the way he thinks.



Wang Tong on BaguaNew! DVD#25158 Ling Kong Shen Shi Men
 $59.95, Two DVD set: DVD #1, 53 minutes; DVD #2, 83 minutes.

There is a special phrase in Chinese Martial Arts—one more of designation of a high level of training, really; “Pre-birth/Post-birth energy,” is the term, and deep confusion is the result. This is one of those ideas that damages the brain like a quick jab ending in a spin kick.

The distinction it fosters is not uncommon—it lives in Bagua, for example. These terrible twins are split into the so-called “Post-birth” training, and the much harder to accomplish “Pre-birth” approach.

Wang Tong on BaguaLike a never-ending poker game, discussion of these two concepts extends over the long term. But for all the talk and blather, most people have no concrete idea as to what would make a Pre-birth state. Post-birth, on the other hand, is easy, just like normal life. But pre-birth is a mystery threatening to turn mysical. And very few teachers explain much past this point of frustration.

Though certainly not the ONLY practitioner working with such high-level material, I think one of the clearest versions of authentic pre-birth training comes now through the example of George Xu. His new two disk set, which includes both exercises and a lecture on these advanced skills, comes closest to actually demonstrating a group of movements which are mostly constructed to jump beyond the formalized regimens of most CMA.

After decades of training, George Xu has brought all of his thoughts together in a distinct approach, and an offical new style called Ling Kong Shen Shi Men. If you have followed Xu's career at all you would see that his shapeless, inner-controlled, skills have been evolving for years. And, in fact, you would see that many of his DVDs deal with these seemingly free-form exercises and the core concept covered in his hour-plus lecture on his style. Finally, of course, by definition, he has also shown us what he would like to see in any style, except now he has made the ambiguity more exact.


George Xu Tai ChiDVD#25152 Superior Power in Chinese Martial Arts
with George Xu
$49.95, Length - about 90 minutes

What is power? And how is it different in Eastern and Western martial circles? George Xu not only attempts an overview but shows what he considers the four types of martial power: vertical, gravity, Internal Art and space. As always, his ideas avoid the mystic and show reasonable and well-thought out versions of classical terms. There’s a lot of practice here and—for those who are already trained in the basics—just the kind of explanations you need when you’ve reached a certain sticky level in your training. The more practice you have already put in, the more eye-opening this DVD will be. About 25 minutes in, Xu Sifu starts giving exercises that slowly introduce his ideas of vertical and reaction forces. Most of these are what might be called active standing practice, something we definitely advocate. With Susan Matthews help he also demonstrates some of those feats we associate with internal power. Many good tips, some really crucial. Xu Sifu wants you to “get it” and his lectures and demonstrations show this. Particularly good if you want to expand your workout with some easy to learn but significant exercises.



George Xu Tai ChiNew! DVD#25151 Indoor Study: 4 Important Things
with George Xu
Over 1/2 hour

Don’t expect us to tell you the “four important things.” But what I will tell you is that this series of separate exercises is perfect for the Tai Chi practitioner. Though a lot of Xu’s fame rests on his excellent Chen Tai Chi, these routines which emphasize " Open and Close," seem particularly suited to the Yang Tai Chi stylist. Big movements which look difficult but are not, lots of waist swinging and twisting, a loose and relaxed manner in every movement: how could you NOT be healthy if you did this every day?


George Xu Tai ChiNew! DVD#25150 9 Categories of Training
with George Xu
$34.95,Over 1/2 hour

Hun Yuan Qigong, Single Basics, Bomb Drop, Shrink Expand, Qi Circling, Chan Shi Jin, Tap and Massage, Power Stretching: this boot camp conference shows yet more training methods from the prolific George Xu. This is a no-nonsense, let’s-get-practicing attitude. A perfect DVD to just insert, step back and start practicing with your workshop friends. Lots of ideas, lots of informal demonstrations: seated reeling silk,
self massage, dynamic stretching and more. Sufficient but not exhaustive instruction (most exercises are self evident) that offers all sorts of fun things to try .


George Xu Tai ChiDVD#25149 Lan Shou & Power Stretching Essentials
with George Xu and Ye Xiao Long
$19.95, Length - about 38 minutes

Here is a survey of important training methods for all martial practices. It also contains a number of basic warmups and a key form of the Lan Shou or Barrier Hand system which George brought to the West. The form is demonstrated by George's teacher, Ye Xiao Long, also a major Tai Chi instructor. Demonstrations, many compiled for a 1998 video, show Qigong training, Two-person drills, Push Hands training and more. There is an intriguing long section on Power stretching, a sort of dynamic tension using martial postures to consolidate strength. At the end George demonstrates a free-form method of spontaneously linking and fighting with the elements shown on the DVD. The approach is casual but there are a lot of ideas here and everything is pretty much style-neutral.


Geroge XuDVD#25148 The Universal Principles of Yin and Yang
$59.95, Length - about 1 Hour 40 minutes

This is a two-part DVD. Geroge Xu, endelessly experimental and exploratory, gives a lecture/demonstration of his latest findings in martial theory. His premise in this presentation is that after much thought he has returned to Yin and Yang and the basic governing theory. This series of movements and special practice is geared to the theme that Yin and Yang is a universal principle in Tai Chi, Bagua and Xing Yi. At one point her teaches a nice linked Dragon style Bagua form to the whole class. Next he shows a set of basics extrapolated from Xing Yi. All of this is followed by a nice discussion from Xu on the relations of the different arts and methods of training for them.


Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25147 Internal Structure Testing
 $39.95, Length - about 90 minutes

This stand-alone DVD is like a recording of a private lesson. In it Geroge Xu explains to Susan Matthews the internal aspects related to the fine points of Chen Tai Chi. This very similar to a Tai Chi teaching practice known as "loading" in which you have a student assume a Tai Chi posture. This is followed by the teacher pressing and leaning on the student to test the alignment of the postures. In this case George makes the correction in Susan posture and then shows here how to generate jing from there. The movements are a little cooperative so if you have seen peope throwing others around the room with seemingly no effort this might seem a bit staged. But the corrections and their effect along with Susan's delighted reaction is worth the price of admission.


Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25144 Wang Hao Da in San Francisco

A superb presentation of Wang Hao Da in San Francisco. Informal, slanted camera shots, traffic in the background but also Wang doing what can only be called the Wu style version of Thunder style Tai Chi. We gives a breakdown of his set from the standpoint of power generation. Truly mysterious at time it is sometimes hard to credit the immense effect of seemingly short almost hidden movements. Again and again he shows jing energy generated at almost every angle. George Xu provides a blow by blow translation sprinkled with appreciation for Wang’s work. Sometimes he launches George a dozen feet away. There is still that cooperative look to some of the moves but much less than your see elsewhere. He also shows a set so refined with Reeling Silk that the adaptation could easily be applied to just about any version of Tai Chi with a little brain power applied of course. There is also a section on loosening exercises from the seated position.

Note: This says 1 of 3 but stands alone. Others haven't been released yet.

Quantity  $29.95, Length - about 2 Hours

Wang Tong on BaguaNEW!! DVD#25145 Master George Xu Complete Practice

George Xu’s workouts are the answer to that often asked question from students, “What do you do as a workout?” There’s a lot of curiosity about what the teacher practices and the answers are not always encouraged. I knew a teacher once who, when asked the question, would respond tersely with “It’s none of your business.” Technically he was right. You don’t ask your doctor what diseases he’s suffering from. This is a high level workout from one of the most dedicated of CMA experts. It contains Warm Ups, Overview, Dan tian Training, Dan tian Gong, Power Stretching, Spiral Training, Spiral Exercises, Bagua Spiraling, Bagua Form Demo and is, in itself, a complete practice. Good quality, work right beside a top level instructor.
See a clip of this DVD.

Quantity  $39.95, Length - about 2 Hours

Wang Tong on BaguaNEW!! DVD#25138 Workshop Drills & Exercises

Continuing with his concept of "becoming a predator" George Xu gives a lecture/workout with a number of interesting ideas. He discusses the organization of the back muscles as six groups to be controlled and shows four exercises to do it. Many of them are simplified forms form Chen Tai Chi and XinYi training which makes this a great introduction to do-able movements which retain the depth of the more advanced arts. Great beginning class stuff. He moves to a series of marching exercises which people can take at just about any level they can understand even to fairly advance practitioners. Next he shows a series, 14 CIRCLES DRILLS. We haven't correlated everything in this series so we can't say there are no repetitions of the contents of other disks but this one is the most simplified and accessible of all George's work yet. NOTE: Yes, this entire series and the one before it have the SAME PICTURE. Make sure you get the right order number.

Quantity  $19.95, Length - 35 min. 


Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25136 Martial Qigong
(also called "Longevity Qigong)

Despite the grainy camera work, this is a little treasure of a DVD. Once again, Xu Sifu comes up with simple but intriguing exercises. Although the DVD is titled Martial Qigong, most of the exercises here would be good for health maintenance. This is especially true with a 10-part exercise developed by Xu himself, which he guarantees has efficacy in stroke prevention. Probably the best neck maintenance series we've see (but of course care should still be take...) . However, there are some major concepts, such as his 'ocean' idea, and his 'third hand' imagery, which could be significantly useful for martial training.

From copy:

Qigong Exercises Shrinking and expanding the Qi throughout the whole body, all directions
Space Power - Harmonizing the external Qi with internal Qi, return to the
baby, physical becomes unconscious like an ocean in space.
Qi going through whole body, energy sinking to earth.
Third Hand - Bai Hui to Hui Yin shrink/expand, front/back, up/down simultaneously moving.
Breathing Techniques - Back open/close and diaphragm breathing.
Stroke Prevention with neck and head exercises, 10 movements.
Head and neck massage for Qi and blood circulation.

Qigong Exercises Shrinking and expanding the Qi throughout the whole body, all directions
d and neck massage for Qi and blood circulation.

NOTE: This is subtitled "Part One" but is a stand alone. The name was changed to Martial Qigong later.


Quantity  $24.95, Length - 51 min.

Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25137 18 Circles
for Power, Mass, Speed and Freedom

Like his friend, Adam Hsu, George has one of those minds which seeks the essence of things. Also, as a maturing martial artist, he is distilling his decades of study into significant observations. In this DVD he does what will be fascinating to some people and possibly disappointing to others. He shows the major movements of all Chinese martial arts as a group of simple but profound circular exercises. He also demonstrates the applications and gives strong hints not so much as the "Qigong" but toward the Nei Gong issue of what internally is occurring. For those fascinated with the underpinnings of the art this will be of great interest.

Length - 1 hour 35 min.

Quantity  $29.95 

see clip

Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25134 George Xu & Yu Xiao Lin

Drills, Qigong and Forms
Double DVD with each DVD dedicated to one artist

Part One

Demonstration of part of Chen style by George Xu.
Demonstration in of some Xin Yi movements with some indication of usage.
Hun Yuan Qigong, lengthy demonstration.
George breaks at points in this series of Qigong for some intriguing and insightful remarks on topics such as Qigong and the Mind. His seemingly casual but actually highly concentrated approach is excellent. So is that feeling from George, given by all too few instructions, that he is a work in progress (as we all should be). Unlike those boring, adamant teachers who give the impression that they've already discovered the Secret and now become fat and smoke more, Xu is always trying to improve himself as though—amazingly— the art was actually worth the effort.

TongBei drills to open the back and shoulder
10 Key movements from Xing Yi, long section.
Chen Saber form demonstrated.

Part Two

Yu Xiao Lin goes into major detail on the Four Energies of Tai Chi. This is one of the most mysterious aspects of Tai Chi to non-Chinese. He doesn't concentrate so much on the endless circling of the Four Hand exercise as breaking down all opportunities to actually use the Four Energies and then showing numerous variations of them.

Then he starts on the Four Secondary Energies and shows many demonstrations of ways in which to apply, Pluck, Split, Elbow and Shoulder. Also a rare treat to to see Vincent Lynch practicing and helping out.

Yu shows quite a number of energy issuing exercises as sequential marching patterns. Very nice, loose and instructive. He following with a "Qi Rolling" exercise where his fingers are entwined for the entire experience, a la Swimming Dragon Body Qigong.
He goes on to demonstrate the Fan Song or Relaxations Exercises, a major consideration in Tai Chi development. 
Finally there is a fascinating demonstration of the first section of the Yang Ban Hou Tai Chi.

About 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Quantity  $49.95

Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25129 Wang Tang on BaGua Zhang

This is a nice, informative lecture by Wang Tong, a student of Li Zi Ming, on the history, nick names, styles and principles of Ba gua. A charming background it is without demonstration and suffers a bit from the difficulties of simultaneous translation. This one could be called the "Lineage and Development of Bagua". For those not interested this might become tedious. At the fifteen minute mark Wang Tong Sifu thanks everyone then continues to talk for six more minutes. But if you want to hear someone who has "been there" this is a nice piece.

Length - 20 min.

Quantity  $14.95 
Li Tian Wei on Xing Yi Liu HeDVD#25130 Li Tian Wei on Xing Yi LiuHe

Li Tian Wei walks through a lecture demonstration which combines his feelings and thoughts on practicing Chinese martial arts with a sort of walking demonstration . He shows a number of Xing Yi animals and tries to have us understand their shapes and spirits. Overall a nice lecture, with translation, and particular emphasis on the correct shape and its relation to the meaning of the movement. Translated by Liping Zhu.
Length-18:30 min.      
Quantity  $19.95 
see clip

Liu He Ba Fa with Yun Yin SenDVD#25131 Yun Yin Sen discusses LiuHe BaFa

On Liu He and Xing Yi. This couch interview shows George Xu as interviewer of Yun Sifu asking key questions on CMA theory and principles. Some of George’s translations are a bit less than clear but the overall information and the process of the interview we see as dealing with much information “from the horse’s mouth”. Some ideas are even stumbling blocks for Xu and these reveal the kind of insights that only a lifetime of practice can reveal. (There's a lot of "finger calligraphy" going on, which Chinese speakers do when they don't recognize an audible word.) Yun also discusses such topics as LHBF’s history which is a very thin line: Wu Yu Hui, his grand master at China San Shou Kung Fu Academy in Nanjing; Chen Xuan founded LHBF; Sung dynasty about 700 years ago. Yun speaks of LHBF’s part in returning his health. Some very sticky issues are addressed and, for the serious, this offers much to think on. After the interview Yun works with Susan Matthews and shows the details of his operations in a very clear and friendly manner. Many possible techniques for studying with a partner or introducing to a class. What works for LHBF would also help in Tai Chi and other tactile explorations. The sound isn't perfect but the information is very good.

Quantity   $24.95

Liu He Ba Fa with Yun Yin SenDVD#25104 8 Pieces of Brocade
and Susan A. Matthews MS.

Susan Matthews, head of the Shanti School of Tai Ji, demonstrates one of the most famous of Qigong forms: The Eight Pieces of Brocade. She does this standing in front of a mirror so we get the benefit of a double view of each action. Her instruction is detailed but also has the informality of personal observations, how she felt a certain move, how she solves a problem in execution. Her instruction is clear and detailed. This is a very good approach to learning this 800 year old, treasured set even if you are trying for the first time. About 27 Minutes        

Quantity   $19.95     see clip

Liu He Ba Fa with Yun Yin SenDVD#25125 LiuHeBaFa with Yun Yin Sen
and George Xu,

Yun Yen Sin Teaches Liu He Ba Fa, Primordial Qigong, and Push Hands at this week-long Summer Camp with George Xu in the beautiful coastal redwoods near San Francisco (La Honda). This DVD has a lot of material especially if you already know LiuHeBaFa or Taiji. Yun performs the Water Boxing LHBF set with continuous commentary by George Xu who speaks intelligently on the issue of CMA as "quiet" martial arts. This is followed by a very distilled discussion and demonstration of Primordial Qigong which concentrates on bringing Qi outward more than Dan Tian driven styles. Over 50 Minutes         

Quantity  $29.95
see clip

Geo. Xu "What is Tai Chi, Really?"DVD #25116   Daily Breast Massage
by Susan A. Matthews

There is a sense of self-sufficiency imparted by martial practice. One real key, long understood in martial circles, is your monitoring and sensitive maintenance of your own body. This is where responsibility begins. This DVD is a well-paced, open-hearted teaching session on breast self-examination. This can be an issue fraught with trepidation and Matthews approaches it gently but thoroughly. Discussions on the method are highlighted by woman telling of their experiences. The more you know about problems with mammograms, benign and other growths and the still rather primitive conditions in women's health (There was a time not too much in the past where all medical mastectomy studies used for reference were solely focused on men!) the more you will see that this is an essential extension of self-massage. We have heard too many stories of our sisters, mothers and daughters afraid to touch their own bodies ... If you need context, this is also an ancient and well established Daoist practice. But the real point is that it works and it makes everyone feel better and healthier.

Quantity   $19.95

Geo. Xu "What is Tai Chi, Really?" DVD #25111 A & B   Lan Shou Lessons (2 DVDs)
Wu Ji and Qin Zhong Bao (assist by George Xu)
translation by Poh Kheng Loi & David Leung

"Part One includes: demonstration of the cao quan section of the Lan Shou form; basic move drills; walking drills; application demonstrations; and a few standing qigong exercises with Grandmaster Qin.

Part Two: Lan Shou Muscle-Tendon Stretching Exercises. This 35-minute DVD is a review of stretching exercises that Master Wu Ji's taught as part of the Lan Shou system training during China Camp '07. The exercises are grouped together for easy follow-along learning."

"Brrr. Put on your jacket before you watch this two hour presentation of Barring Arm style. We are working out in the mists of early morning Colorado. This pair of DVDs explore that fine fighting system Lan Shou. The first shows the Chow Quan form then breaks it down with marching sections to master in phrases. Next we get to see applications by teacher Qin Zhong Bao AND grand-teacher Wu Ji. There is also a section on Lan Shou standing Qigong. The 2nd DVD is a real time review of the Muscle-Tendon exercises for Lan Shou. All real CMA styles have some tendon stretching but some, like Pigua and Tong Bei, used this method extensively. This is a very good, complete and slightly challenging series of movements combining stretching and issuance of energy. Not a generic series of "Qigong callisthenics".

Notes on this instructor...

Quantity  $39.95

Geo. Xu "What is Tai Chi, Really?" DVD #25101 What is Tai Chi, Really?
George Xu with Susan A. Matthews

In this DVD, S. Matthews acts as interviewer to draw from George Xu his observations on how to understand the true nature of Tai Chi. Thee are the questions more people should have asked. He covers many essential concepts demonstrating his ability to issue and some of the finer points on the requirements between external and internal training. His explanations have the ring, and are indeed indicative, of much hands on training for long periods of time. He is open and informative and drives so directly to the core of the practice that the educated viewer will realize that he or she had MORE work to do from having listened to Xu; but also more rewarding work. Xu also shows supplementary exercises to enhance the feeling of the internal movement. Note: Even though George comments on Susan's questions in English someone has wisely subtitled the entire DVD to increase clarity.
Notes on this instructor...

Quantity   $24.95 
  see clip

Geo. Xu Lan Shou Kung Fu form DVD #25102 Lan Shou Form
George Xu

Here is the core form of the Lan Shou system. We refer to the name as "Barring Arm" Boxing but it can be thought of as blocking or obstructing arm. Particularly strong in TianJin area Lan Shou may appear at first glance as a combination of Baji Quan and Tan Tui. Tough to imagine, we know, but think of a Long Fist art that has retained it animal qualities although—as if often the case in high level Northern styles—the animal quality is on the inside, not in the poses. George Xu shows the set through a "follow me" type of instruction where he repeats it numerous times with almost no verbal instruction. The set is show in its entirety and also broken down but, once again, with only visual clues. George's point may be to say "concentrate" and you'll learn it. They say Northern stylist who fought Bruce Lee back in the day, Wong Jackman, also like to instruct without talking. Lan Shou Qigong is also shown. This also has a demonstration of the form by Ye Xiao Long.
Notes on this instructor...

About 60 Minutes        

Quantity   $49.95 
see clip

Geo. Xu Lan SHou Kung Fu applications & saber

Geo. Xu Lan SHou Kung Fu applications & saberDVD #25103 Lan Shou Applications & Saber
George Xu

This is a combination of DVDs. The first is a breakdown of the movements in the key Lan Shou hand set. Xu Sifu demonstrates each section of the Lan Shou form along with numerous applications for the set. He explains in a mixture of Mandarin and English. There are also a number of partner drills with variations some as simple as Three Stars and others of more complexity. Next he shows Lan Shou's Saber form. This is a good form elegant in its mixture of real saber energies and precise movement. The only flaw in the film is that the time code was left on and, though annoying, it doesn't detract from any information .
Notes on this instructor...

About 70 Minutes        

Quantity  $24.95 
applications: see clip applications and broadsword

10 Animal 6 Harmony Xing Yi10 Animal 6 Harmony Xing YiDVD #25109/10
10 Animal 6 harmony
Training #1 & #2

with Qian Zhao Hong
Two DVDs

This is a pair of DVDs showing the famous ten animals of Xing Yi of, in this case, the Six Harmony (Liu He) branch.

Tape #1 starts with George Xu showing his Chen Tai Chi. Qian Sifu follows with his Xing Yi Quan. His interpretation is high and almost seems (appearances can be deceptive) stiff as he performs this unusual Xing Yi form but at the same time his control of Jing issuance is obvious and immediate. Next comes applications and spontaneous counters. Much of the commentary derives from George Xu reading notes on the basic energies and explaining their meaning. Then comes a kind of round robin open demonstration from both Xu and Zhao. The focus here is power application and refinement. At this point the seeming "stiffness" of Zhao's interpretation is made understandable in someone utilizing the form, as he should, to refine and demonstrate his particular fighting skills. The overall production is worth the effort but will require concentration and that rewind button. This is a chance to watch two top teachers comparing notes on usage.

Tape #2
Basics are shown with both George leading people through a series of good, solid warm ups and some Xin Yi basics. Then Qian shows his style of Xin Yi basics which seem to lay much importance on “crossing” movements which traverse the medial line.Then each practitioner demonstrates his version of the animal movements.

Walking and Applications follow with focus and posture explained.
Next is a breakdown of all ten animals demonstrated by George Xu then Zhao. It's interesting to see the variations of movements, personality and emphasis between the two practitioners either of which has practiced these basics thousands of times. After each animal George Xu and Qian Zhao Hong each demonstrate many variations of each animal on a student. This open style compare and contrast shows a rich variety of applications and angles. . .
Notes on this instructor...

Part One 69 , minutes
Part Two 49 minutes

Set of both          $39.95        

Geo. Xu Lan Shou Kung Fu form

DVD #25106 On Being a Predator
George Xu :Chen Tai Chi lecture

George Xu explains his theory of predator energy used in the practice of Chen Tai Chi but really in any Chinese martial art. This is an extension of his concept expounded some years ago in print on "animal" qualities well distinguished from "animal imitation" boxing where you try to look like the animal.In this lecture, admittedly sometimes difficult to hear and with a little break up, George Xu lists his eight attributes for practice. His ideas are really important and worth a number of viewing. One of the best explanations of what is missing from so much contemporary practice. You'll go back to this one over and over.
Notes on this instructor...

About 60 Minutes        

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Geo. Xu Lan Shou Kung Fu form

DVD #25114 Lecture on LiuHeBaFa
with Yun Yen Sin

The "Six Harmony Eight Methods" style is becoming more popular by the minute. According to George Xu the only reason it wasn't better loved sooner was that rich people in Beijing adopted Tai Chi much more openly. There probably is some truth in this and LHBF, which has been around longer than TC, is making up for lost time. It shares many of the attributes such as soft and full body movement. This entire lecture focuses on the use of the wooden (or any) ball as a training device. The ball can be a great training aid because it forces you to act like you are an internal stylist. Whole body movement which, take it from us, is VERY hard to grasp becomes easy with a ball in front of you. Good for ANY Kung Fu stylist. Note: In Chinese with immediate translation. A big room for a seminar, informal setting, some application to push hands, leg circling also shown.
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Geo. Xu Lan Shou Kung Fu form DVD #25120 & 21
China Camp '07 Form Demonstration

with various artists

Forty-six martial artists from several disciplines and locations in China, USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Denmark perform their forms in this prestigious event. Names and styles are provided in titles of each performance, so you get to know who these accomplished martial artists are.

See the list below of demonstrators in this series

#1 about 69 Minutes #2 about 61 Minutes        

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Participants in China Camp 07:

Disk #1:

Flavio Danielle Chen Tai Chi
Zhi Lu Ping: Dragon Form Taoist Tai Chi
Gao Rui: Bagua
Volker Jung, Liuhebafa
Jiang Bao Kang: 12 Animal Xing Yi
and San Qing Dragon
Liu Bao Yu: Chen Push Hands
Ru Dong Fu: Lan Shou
David Leung: Wing Chun

Disk #2

Qian Zhao Hong & Bruce Bolden: Xing Yi Push Hands
Wang Tong: Bagua Sword
Ji Ah Tong/Li Tian Wei: Yang Push Hands
Wu Mao Gui: Tong Bei Quan
Wu Ji: Lan Shou
Li Tian Wei: Xing Yi Liu He
Don Qian Li: Lan Shou
Yun Yin Sen: Liuhebafa
Susan Matthews: Chen Tai Chi
Xu Guo Xhang & Wang Ren Li: Wu style Push Hands
Giuliana Romanisio: Karate
Lu Ying Liang: Eagle Fist
Roberto Benetti: Chen Sword
Lu Zhi Liang: Yang Tai Chi

Qian Zhao Hong (also known as "Chainsaw") has defeated more than 50 top Kung Fu experts with his superior san shou fighting skills. An undefeated master, he was known as a serious threat sending people to the hospital. He is a member of the famous Shanghai Wushu Association, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Bagua Institute, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Wudong Qigong, and one of the highest (9th Dan, unheard of at this age) ranks in Liu He Xin Yi style.

Master Wu Ji · This master has had much "hands on " experience. He was assigned to China's Special Army Division where he was undefeated in bouts. This earned him the title of the "Copper Skinned/Iron Bone Man". His approach to teaching is to emphasize whole body engagement. He specializes in: 23 principles, marching exercises, six direction power and power stretching. He is an acknowledged expert in Sichuan WuMei Mountain Lan Shou Boxing.

Xu Guo Ming (George Xu) began training in 1966. He started with Zhu Hong Bao, all in the Muslim (Hui) styles Xin Yi Liu He, Cha Boxing and Chi Shu (7 Postures). After this he followed Zhang Qin Lin of Snake Bagua. For his Lan Shou training he studied under Qing Zhong Bao, Cotton Boxing with Yang Tian Gui; Chen Tai Chi with Shuong Guang Ren (student of Chen Xiao Quai); Yang Tai Chi with Shi Wen Dou; and Yu Hua Long (Xing Yi). He is a graduate in Mathematics from Shanghai Normal University. George is also know as a top promoter of the arts. After coming to the U.S. (1981), he has hosted many fine instructors such as: Zhou Yuan Long, (Chen Tai Chi) ; Liou Wan Fu, (China Heavyweight Full Contact Champion); Ye Xiao Long, (Yang Tai Chi & Lan Shou); Ma Hong, (Chen Style Taiji ); Wang Hao Da, (Wu style Tai Chi & student of Ma Yueh Liang); Lu Gui Rong, (Wu Hao Tai Chi); Qian Zhao Hong, (Xing Yi); Wang Zhi Qiang, (Yang Tai Chi); Yun Yin Sen, (Liu He Ba Fa); and Ji Ah Dong, (Yang Style Tai Chi).

Yun Yin Sen began his martial studies in Yang Style Taiji. He has continued his studies with Zhang Chang Xin (Liu He Pa Fa, Yi Quan, and Zhang Zuang). Zhang Chang Xin was a top student of Wu Yi Hui. Since 1982 he has also studied with Han Qiao (Han Jiao), Lu Gui Yao, Liang Qi Zhong, all practitioners of 6 Harmony-8 Method (Water) boxing. He is now President of the Anhwei Province 6 Harmony-8 Method Association. From 1979-2005 he has been been invited to performances and lectures internationally including Russia (1999), London (2002) and 2003 to England (2003).