The Wu Dang Tai Yi

Xiao An Fa was born in 1939. He has loved martial arts all his life. He began with Shaolin Southern Boxing and explored that deeply. Then he was lucky enough to become the chosen disciple of the well-known Lü ZiJian. He has spent over a half century in the martial arts and taught free for the last forty years.

Tai Yi Kung FuDVD#24890 Wudang Taiyi Five Element Boxing
by Zhang JianPing
Single DVD, English subtitled, 58 minutes, $15.95

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This is a teacher with a truly significant background in Chinese martial arts. The form presented here, as shown by one of his students who is obviously a past champion, is a beautifully blended mixture of Xing Yi and Bagua. His instructions are clear and concise as he "teaches" the form to his student. Not very long, but very dynamic with a special emphasis on timing and execution. No applications shown as such, but discussion of how things work and plenty of energy from his mature female student. Definitely someone who has been around for a long while. Check out some of his associations on the next line.

See notes on this teacher's background.


DVD#24267 Wudang Taiyi Survey
by Xiao An Fan
Single DVD, English subtitled, 54 minutes, $15.95

The Wudang Taiyi system is very martial, compact, graceful and consistent. It is the life's work of Xiao An Fa. It's always an interesting topic to ask why this would be available on DVD. Perhaps Mr. Xiao has many students in China. Perhaps some people have either heard about his skills or would just like to study a version of Wudang Tai Chi which is different. He certainly gains some reputation by the huge fame of his teacher Lü ZiJian (above).The demonstrations on this DVD show the fruits of Mr. Xiao's efforts including presentations of: Taiyi Sword Skills, the Wudang Taiyi Straight Sword Form, the Taiyi Fan, the 27 Posture Tai Chi and the Taiyi Broadsword.


DVD#24268 Wudang Taiyi Fan
by Xiao An Fan
Double DVD, English subtitled, 121 minutes, $27.95

As many of our friends know we are not fans of fan forms for martial artists unless they are firmly grounded in the martial arts. This is a Wudang style set with a surprising number of variations and changes. First, there are some movements rare with the fan such as spinning it by grasping both sides to twirl. Why, this set even has an elbow strike. There are also Chen Tai Chi like movements with explosive FaJing all in the context of a set that is essentially soft, though not weak. This is a TWO DVD series


DVD#24269 Wudang Taiyi Straight Sword
by Xiao An Fan
Double DVD, English subtitled, 125 minutes, $27.95

It's hard to conceive of any branch of the Wudang tree NOT having at least one major sword set since, like the staff of Shaolin, the straight sword is the emblem of Wudang. This is a good one to add to your JianShu (Swordplay) library. Very distinct, somewhat formalized, movements that clearly show the different actions of the weapon. Here is a complex and many-faced set with a wide range of postures and a Tai Chi "feel." Definitely not a beginner's piece: if you have had no sword before you might want to come back to this one. Not much oriented to rolling (not much loss there) but to striking and postures and, of course, sword control. This form was developed by Guo GaoYi the head of the ZiXiao Palace at Mount Wudang. Xiao AnFa visited Mount Wudang and became Guo's sworn brother. After that Xiao and a disciple shortened the set to make it more compact.


DVD#24270 Wudang 13 Limb Extensions
by Xiao An Fan
Single DVD, English subtitled, 54 minutes, $15.95

This is a development of Lü ZiJian's Bagua HunYuan life enhancement exercises. It is based on the I Jing, the Eight Pieces of Silk, modern research and Mr. Xiao's many years in the arts. It is both Qigong and movement enhancement exercises. The purpose of the 13 extensions shown here is to extend life, but also to support a non-stressful engagement. There is a nice emphasis on scientific principles and many of these are definitely stretches, and not always easy ones, as well as internal work.


DVD#24271 Wudang Taiyi 27 Posture Tai Chi
by Xiao An Fan
Double DVD, English subtitled, 124 minutes, $27.95

A very interesting set that looks like a cross of Yang style fluidity with Wu styles stances. A high, easily done set but with complex and subtle hand movements. The stances are all recognizable though the order is unique. This TWO PARTER DVD starts with three sections: the first on stances with a nice little pattern, the next on the kind of kicks most of us will never do without great flexibility, and thirdly, basic stepping patterns. This is followed by the form and its breakdown. It is also easy to see the Chen style influence here. A martial artist's Tai Chi with less emphasis on the beautiful and more on the functional. Very useful if limberness is a problem.


DVD#24272 Wudang Taiyi Single Broadsword
by Xiao An Fan
Double DVD, English subtitled, 118 minutes, $27.95

A long, complicated set with some excellent and fairly difficult balance positions. A Tai Chi quality to a definitely non-Tai Chi form. Very little emphasis on rolling the saber ( not that important anyway) but a lot of good, solid left hand work reinforcing the cuts as it should be. Many cross steps and some "reverse grip" work. Minor emphasis on wrapping the sword. This is a set handed down to Xiao AnFa from his teacher Lu ZiJian.


Martial Resumé for Zhang JianPing


Father Zhang YingXiang Chief of PiGua in Cang Zhou
Qiang ShuQiao: (Xing Yi)
Qing ShuQiao: Bauga
Lu LungYun: Nine Connecting Rings (Xing Yi)
Geng XiaGuang: discussions (Xing Yi)
Li San Yuan: Dai style (Xing Yi)
Guo Pei Uuan: (Xing Yi)
DeChan: (Shaolin)
SuXi: (Shaolin) given name De Han
General coach in ChaoYang Shaolin Martial Arts School
Li San Yuan: Che style (Xing Yi)
Zhang HeNian: (Xing Yi)
Zhang ZhiYuan: Yi style (Bagua)
First National Ethnic Sports Competition: First place for (Xing Yi) Liu He Saber
His father a friend of Chen Fa Ke
General Coach in HuaChang Martial Arts team IN macao
Represented Macao in ZhengZhou Martial Arts Fest
Xue Long Lion Association teaching in Malaysia
Consultant GuangZhou Non-Violence Center
Knew Li PeiXuan and Fu YongHui son of Fu ZhenSong, Deng JinTao, Pan JIngHua, Zeng QingHuang
ShenShaHai Sports School, teaching
Teacher and demonstrator in Japan
Founded Internal Practice Boxing in Gansu
Invited to the Shaolin Temple, helped build first Shaolin school in DengFang
Taught in SongShan Shaolin School
Nartional First grade coach , senior coach
Named as outstanding counselor by sports committee of Klingon province
Founded warrior martial arts company in GuangZhou
Taught on the Quan arts in southern China.
Employed as general consultant of martial arts by GZ Beauty.
Zheng RuPing Hua Mountain secret Fu Tai Chi
Hu YaoZhen: One Character Tai Chi
Help Sha GuoZHeng and He FuSheng to create Paired Tai Chi
LiJingLin: Wu Dang Sword
Ma Ying Tu: Tong Bi Chopping and Hanging Boxing
10 Road Tan Tui

This routine comes from Abbot Liu in Shi Men