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Demonstrators: Doctor Su Yu-Chang was born in Taiwan in 1940. Starting Kung Fu training at the age of 7 he studied with such legendary masters as Chang TeKuei, Wei HsiangTang, Li KuenShan and Liu YunChiao. From these masters he learned Praying Mantis, BaJi, PiGua, BaGua, Tai Chi, and Xing Yi styles. So astounishing was his early career he was given the nick name "Lightning Fist" a title that, even in his 60's he still fulfils. He has students in 14 countries many of which have won Gold medals in performance and full contact.

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DVD#19009 Qigong Essentials #1: Controlling The Body
Ted Mancuso
$12.95   about 30 minutes

This DVD is no longer being sold. However, it is NOW available for free, HERE


The first in our NEW series of DVDs designed to teach a complete approach to Qigong from the basics, through the essentials, to its most fascinating and advanced material. Qigong practice rests on three basic principles: controlling the body, controlling the qi and controlling the mind.

In this foundational DVD, you will learn ten essential exercises to “guide” the Qigong body. In 30 minutes you will acquire a new alphabet, the alphabet of Qigong. Whether you are already practicing a regimen, like Blossoms in the Spring, or come new to Qigong practice, these movements will guarantee your progress and give you a blueprint for further exploration.

Topics: 1. Alignment 2. Speed 3. Tone 4. Fullness 5. Relaxation 6.Pulling Inward 7. Mobility 8. Fluidity 9. Balance 10. Serenity



Presenting the DVD associated with the popular book...
Blossoms in the Spring: A Perfect Qigong
Ted Mancuso & Narrye Caldwell, L.aC

SPRING 2023 SALE: Order the set (book and DVD) for $16.25! That is more than a 50% savings.

The one thing we heard over and over at our seminars and book signings was "Where's the DVD?" And you can't blame people because the advent of the DVD has made instruction clearer than ever before. But we wanted to make a film that was more than just moves so we spent a lot of time on this production, adding in extras about Qigong and Chinese medicine, special training hints, unusual insights and even a few interviews. We now proudly present this DVD companion. And if you want to see the book, click HERE

Entering the peaceful and fascinating world of Qigong has never been easier.

  $24.50   about 60 minutes, DVD only
 reg $41.45   Book & DVD set, Regular sale price, $34.50 NOW $16.25 ON SALE for SPRING, 2023

Ba Duan Jin Qigong#24369 T'ai Chi Ruler
Chinese Yoga for Health and Longevity
by Terry Dunn
About 60 minutes, $55.95 PLUM PRICE $49.95

This form of Qigong, sometimes called Chinese Yoga, employs a carved wooden dowel. This symmetrically designed wooden object is held between the hands while the practitioner executes a series of special movements. The sphere in the center, helps to focus the mind while the practitioner moves through soft and fluid movements. Besides improving your balance, encouraging flexibility and bringing serenity, the Tai Chi ruler is excellent for coordinating mind and body. The ruler can be used in many ways. For people interested in Chinese health methods it is easier to learn than Tai Chi. Using Tai Chi Ruler encourages a gentle, smooth type of movement helping the students to gain fluidity right from the start. On another level, not handled in this introductory text, the TCR can be the core of an entire martial system with training and applications. This DVD, one of the first on the TCR in English, gives all the basic exercises you will need to crate a strong foundation in this practice. After a good introduction to the history and philosophical principles of this instrument Terry Dunn takes us through more than a dozen patterns. A complete practice of its own, the ruler allows a lot of customization and can be assembled into a very personal regimen that improves with every session. The ruler can be a beginner's help and an advanced practitioners resource. This has been long unavailable. This new DVD is the original video remastered straight across with no menu.


Ba Duan Jin Qigong#18142 Internal Practice: A Selection of Nei Gong
by Wang Wei

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for this item.

We often see performances of Qigong where the practitioner seems weak and ungrounded. Wang Wei’s demonstration has a subtle and definite martial strength to it. This makes sense because his expertise is in Zhaobao style Tai Chi in which he is a repeat gold medalist. In fact, in this generous DVD, he starts by demonstrating his ZhaoBao expertise by performiing his set.
Then he shows Dragon Shape Tai Chi which is mostly performed as though holding a large ball. Very fluid movements indeed and some of the best “ball work” we’ve seen.
Next is Turning Body practice where he softly moves through a Dragon style set based on linked hand actions.
He follows again with the Dragon Shaped TaiJi Ball forms, again empty handed.
Next he shows an Internal Breathing and massage method which is based on some self striking and issuing energy (Fa Jin). Not for the beginner.
He goes on to demonstrate a “secret” vocalization method of Qigong. These sounds are far from quiet vocalizations, almost Hung Gar like in their firmness.
Finally he wraps it up in a nice brocade with his rendition of Ba Duan Jin, the 8 Pieces of Silk.
There are no explanations, just footage of Wang moving through the exercises. If you have enough training to capture the principles the actions will come by themselves. If your training is matured to this degree, this DVD could even be inspirational. It is an amazing package for the money.

Some Mandarin subtitles, but very little narration or subtitles in any language. Mostly an expert demonstration.


Ba Duan Jin Qigong#18080 The 8 Pieces of Brocade
by Professor Lu ShiCai

Elegant and slow but with no loss of content, Dr. Lu demonstrates this version of Qigong. Judging by certain key postures, he has taken the Shaolin style as the basis. This STANDING Ba Duan Jin is slower and less forceful than its predecessors. His graceful interpretation should be appropriate to just about anyone given, of course, individual considerations. His is, to our mind, one of the gentlest but most conscious versions. If you are used to the standard Ba Duan Jin. there will be a few expressly different interpretations of some movements but everything here is intact. Dr. Lu sits on many boards and is particuarly interested in a blend of Western and Eastern medical methods and spreading Qigong for health.

Mandarin/English Subtitles 


Jin Gang Qigong#24336 Nine Palm Techniques Double DVD
$27.95 for this Double DVD

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Here are Chi Kung exercises in the martial tradition, not the watered down generalized moves associated with what for instance some are now calling "medical" Chi Kung. The elder teacher instructs his young students. The exercises are not difficult to learn but they have levels of difficulty in performance. These exercises are to induce the Chi to enter the entire body and therefore to encourage longevity and rejuvenation. Taught to younger students in China these are more vigorous than many might consider typical and ride the line between Qigong and warm ups at times.

See others in this series.

Background on this rare family style .     


Ba Gua QigongDVD#21022 Bagua Chi Kung Double DVD
Secrets of the Dragon
Jason Tsou
$36.95 for this Double DVD reduced from $44.95

This Double DVD gives an outstanding Chi Kung series specially adapted for Bagua Zhang students. Jason Tsou, another top teacher from the Liu Yun Chiao lineage, shows a rare example of Chuan Lin (Yin Fu) Bagua through the Gong Bao Tien branch. This Chi Kung incorporates five-element theory with the eight animals and the nine palaces. Each of the key movements are performed at three levels of complexity (San Tsai) with detailed instruction for breathing, posture and intent. This perfectly dovetails with the Internal Palms DVD from Adam Hsu, another Liu graduate.


Taiji QigongDVD#21021 Tai Chi CHI KUNG
Harmony in Transition
Jason Tsou
$19.95 reduced from $34.95

This Chi Kung is designed to enhance the skills of Tai Chi practitioners of all levels. Though Master Jason Tsou did not intend being controversial, there will be some who see the information in this DVD that way. This series of movements and interpretations are based on a Ball and Bowl concept directly from the lineage of Yang Ban Hou. Jason Tsou introduces these principles with Chi Kung breathing and detailed instruction. He then applies them to a 24 movement short set where he seeks for the roundness of the Ball then adds the force training aspects of the Bowl. Finally there is a thirty minute workout with principles applicable to ANY form of Tai Chi. For those who want an in-depth series of concepts to tie in their Tai Chi with Chi Kung, this is the DVD.

Xing Yi Nei Gong

#18070 Xing Yi Nei Gong
Compiled/Edited by Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell, about 30 minutes
PLUMNOTE: Receive a ten per cent (10%) discount for Tim Cartmell's book and DVD.

Drawing on information from Zhang Bao Yang, Wang Jin Yu and He Yu Qi all students of Wang Ji Wu; Miller and Cartmell have created a text based on Xing Yi but geared toward Nei Gong (Internal Training). Few people today realize that "Chi Kung" is a neologism referring to what has generally been termed Nei Gong for centuries.

In other words "Breath work" was always called "Internal Work". What's the diff ? Nei Gong implies a greater discipline, more power and most importantly a more rigorous application of the principles with more formal structure. Chi Kung implies a watered down version one might teach one's grandmother if she's had no previous training. There is a place for either but, with the sudden popularity of "Chi Kung" it is refreshing to see this admittedly technical but basically sound text on the subject from a Xing Yi Boxing standpoint.

Included are sections on: Wang JiWu and his lineage
LiuHe (6 Harmony) Xing Yi written transmission
Xing Yi Standing Practice
Health and Strengthening Exercises from Xing Yi.

Take a look at Tim Cartmell's book on this series.

Wudang Qigong#12069  Wudang Qigong
$37.95 and...
PLUMNOTE: Receive a ten per cent (10%) discount for ordering any two of his DVDs.
Liu Xiao Ling's LiuHeBaFa
Liu Xiao Ling's XingYiQuan

This DVD shows a series of seemingly very simple but actually quite specific and powerful Taoist Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises. There are about six standing meditations and over a dozen movements. The English section of the instruction (which can be advanced just by hitting the skip function) tells the medical benefits and gives details on where the mind should reside during practice. Instruction is accompanied by two views of the entire sequence, interview questions asked of Teacher Liu, Supplemental Exercises and instruction in either Mandarin or English. ..

"WuDang has a very long history. Its history is several hundred years old. My teacher was Master Pei Xirong. He learned from a Taoist monk named Xu Benshan. He learned WuDang Qigong in addition to other Wudang Martial Arts styles. Wudang Qigong concentrates on exercising the main 14 acupuncture meridians. Chinese Qigong is divided into two main categories of practice. The first is sitting or still Qigong. The second is moving Qigong. Wudang Qigong has both of these in its practice.

The main focus of Wudang Qigong, in additon to many other styles of Qigong, is to relax and focus the mind. Qigong is an exercise for the relaxation of the mind. With all of the daily stresses of work and life, the mind needs rest. Qigong is greatly helpful in this regard. - Sifu Liu Xiao Ling.



5 Elements Qigong

#14051  5 Element Ch'i Kung
$19.95 reduced from $39.95  

The Five Element Ch'i Kung incorporates Chinese massage techniques to improve functioning of the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart and stomach. The classical five elements consists of fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Fingers entwining, somewhat like Indian mudras, are used to connect and strengthen the acupuncture meridians associated with specific organs. In addition the Five elements Ch'i Kung strives to...

Stimulate and balance functioning of internal organs
Develop energy flow
Increase the ability to cope with stress and anxiety
Develop a general feeling of well being

This tape contains the teaching of Master Su YuChang who has been a martial arts practitioner for over 50 years and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for over 40 years. He is a former disciple of Grandmaster Liu YunChiao, a world-famous expert in Chinese martial arts. Master Su is also a fine instructor and expert in such styles as Preying Mantis and BaJiQuan in his own right. He travels the world teaching principles of Chinese physical culture. Overdubbed in English. A clear and nicely made DVD by a top notch expert. His insights into the logic of Ch'i Kung are quite interesting and worth the price of the package.


12 Meridian Qigong

#14052 12 Meridian Ch'i Kung
$19.95 reduced from $34.95

A "meridian" is an acupuncture channel running through the body. This Ch'i Kung was created to open those meridians and increase the flow of vital energy expecially Nutrient and Guardian Ch'i. It aims to improve digession, strengthen the immune system, increase circulatory efficiency and heighten physical stamina.

This tape contains the teaching of Master Su Yu Chang who has been a martial arts practitioner for over 50 years and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for over 40 years. He is a former disciple of Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao, a world-famous expert in Chinese martial arts. Master Su is also a fine instructor and expert in such styles as Preying Mantis and Ba Ji in his own right. He travels the world teaching principles of Chinese physical culture. Overdubbed in English. A clear and nicely made tape by a top notch expert. His insights into the logic of Ch'i Kung are quite interesting and worth the price of the package.

18 LuoHan Qigong

#14053  18 Luo Han Ch'i Kung Double DVD
$39.95 (double DVD) reduced from $79.95


This Ch'i Kung is designed to improve martial arts proficiency through techniques associated with Bone Marrow Cleansing and Tendon Changing Exercises. In ancient times these techniques were thought to hold the secrets to longevity and possibly immortality. While we can't promise either, we believe that the practice of these exercises should lead to improved strength, balance and power in both martial arts and in any activity where these qualities are important.

Learn to absorb and employ the energy around you.
Learn to improve your ability to relax in stressful situations.
Increase your physical stamina.
Maintain your health and experience a richer and more vibrant quality of life.

These tapes are from lectures and demonstrations by Master Su and his assistant. They are lively, interesting and informative. Plum recommends them for anyone interested in Ch'i Kung specifically from the martial arts standpoint.

Master Su YuChang has been a martial arts practitioner for over 50 years and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for over 40 years. He is a former disciple of Grandmaster Liu YunChiao, a world-famous expert in Chinese martial arts. Master Su is also a fine instructor and expert in such styles as Preying Mantis and Ba Ji in his own right. He travels the world teaching principles of Chinese physical culture. Overdubbed in English. A clear and nicely made tape by a top notch expert. His insights into the logic of Ch'i Kung are quite interesting and worth the price of the package.

Shaolin 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong
click picture
#10719 Shaolin8 Pieces of Brocade 
Normally sells for $19.50 Plum price $15.95

One of the most famous of all Chi Kung regimens. Said by some to have been created by the culture hero, Yueh Fei. Others consider it a Shaolin original with strong roots in Yogic practice and one of the cornerstone of the style (there is indeed some evidence of this being true). Ba Duan Jin is a place where calisthenics meets Chi Kung. Not nearly as easy as many other versions this style has Shaolin flavor. Some pretty low positions but also many of the exercises are thankfully introduced in a layered fashion that allows the student to pick his punishment. Actually a crucial part of historical Kung Fu movement.

About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles         


Five Animals Qigong
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#18062 Five Animals Play

It is well known that "animal play" came into existence with the creation of the famous doctor, Hua Tou. Hau's assistant, Peng, lived to be over 90 and all information was supposedly passed from him. It was about two centuries later that the Shaolin temple developed it Five Animals. The doctor's original intent was strictly for health and encompasses imitating the movements of the Monkey, Tiger, Deer, Bear and Bird. Only wood block prints still remain of the original postures so there are many derivative versions. This is one and not bad at that. If we ever remember we have an excellent version that is probably one of the most accurate should we some day get time to record it. The Five Animals doesn't exactly exist as a Chi Kung but it might be considered a Dao Yun series. A very enjoyable exercise system.

About 60 Minutes:


8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong
click picture

#18063 Eight Pieces of Brocade
Normally sells for $19.50 Plum price $15.95

The Eight Pieces of Brocade is an ancient, famous series of exercises. It is relatively easy. Divided in eight small sections it follows the principles of Chinese medicine and can be classified as not only a Qi Gong, but a very early one. First mentioned in the Song Dynasty in Yi Jian Zhi by Hong Mai, it has kept alive - though somewhat varied - for all these centuries. There are two forms of Ba Duan named Wen Duan and Wu Duan (sitting and standing) with only the standing form shown here. There are also North and South versions. Dr. Yu Ding Hai of Shanghai Chinese Medical College demonstrates clearly and slowly with much explanation.

About 60 Minutes:


Taoist Dragon Qigong#14006 Dao of Dragon Chi Kung
by Shihfu Jiang JianYe

A good series of Chi Kung exercises from other than WuDang Daoism (WuDang is not the only center of Daoism in China). This video contains many dragon based exercises including some Swimming Dragon moves. The movements require a certain limberness. They include some squatting and twisting. The theme of the entire series is dragon motions. No relation to the following tape.

121 minutes, VHS,


Dragon Door Taoist Qigong#14008 Dragon Door Chi Kung
by Shihfu Jiang JianYe

There is a great deal of emphasis here on gathering energy and spinal twisting (light and safely done). A very decent and reasonable regimen for those looking for Chi Kung. Some difficulties but anything in the routine can be modified to the beginner. Some very logical and well planned sections. No relation to the previous tape.

121 minutes, VHS,