DVDS: Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua has got to be one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world. It is a wonderful style with many representatives. Some of those on this page cover lesser known styles or teachers with just a few disks out. Look around and see what's available in this intriguing form.

Round Body Bagua ZhangSC534 Round Body Bagua
Gao MingXing
94 pages plus VCD, softbound
$18.95 Simplified Chinese Characters.

A surprisingly strong performance of a mixed set of Bagua by a national champion. This medium sized set is a solid compilation of many aspects of Bagua besides the Palm Changes. It also blends the Bagua Animals as well as some Old Palms positions. Additionally kicking methods are shown within the form and capturing the flavor of the style. A good performance set for about intermediate level and one that is clean enough that whichever style you might practice can be displayed here. Though often less than 100 pages, these books offer both simplified Chinese and English face to face. In addition, they include a VCD with the form in question demonstrated, often by top performers. The narration in both the Chinese and English are minimal leaving it pretty much up to you to figure out how to move but the photographys is quite clear and the English helpful. If you are interested in the form, it is a good price.



Tan Tui with Ted MancusoDVD#24366  
The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Vol. 1

by Park Bak Nom and Dan Miller
$29.95 (order along with Volume 2 and get a 10% discount on both)

While both of these DVDs are meant to be supplemental to the books, they can still stand alone, especially if you are experienced in Chinese martial arts. This one shows many basics exercises all the way from fundamental footwork to some of Bagua’s special palm strikes. Also demonstrated are other basics including flexibility kicks, side to side dips and rises, Dragon Hand opening, spine stretches and more. There are some examples of usage and some quite good footwork for partners. This DVD sets up a lot strikes and palm actions which are explained in DVD #2 even more fully. This is a good series of exercises, easy to understand but not surrendering the correct Pa Kua principles.

NEW! Volume 1 of the companion book is now available after several years. Find it here


Tan Tui with Ted MancusoDVD#24367  
The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Vol. 2

by Park Bak Nom and Dan Miller
$29.95 (order along with Volume 1 and get a 10% discount on both)

Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Vol. 2 is a continuation of many points introduced in DVD #1 of this series. While both of these DVDs are meant to be supplemental to the texts (Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang, Vols. #1 & #2), they can also each stand alone. This DVD starts with Palm exercises, based on DVD #1, to develop power issuance. Teacher Park Bak Nom (Student of Lu Chui-Tien) follows with a section on legwork and some low kicks. Next he demonstrates an Eight Palm Qigong routine using many of the postures already established. Park also shows a simple breakdown of the Eight Animals. From single pole work he goes to three poles and threading steps. Finally Pak presents a “teepee exercise” to spontaneously practice all methods of linking postures and movements. One of the first instructional DVDs in English on the martial art of Pa Kua Chang and still a good buy especially for developing basics strikes and palm actions. Fully narrated in English by Dan Miller. An impressive amount of information. For beginners to intermediate students.

Tan Tui with Ted MancusoDVD#24304  
Wang Shu Jin's 8 Linked Palms

performed and demonstrated by Kent Howard

The perfect companion to Kent Howard and Chen Xiao-Yen's translation of Wang Shu Jin's Bagua text. This follows the book step-by-step and adds a lot of practice tips and self defense applications.Wang Shu Jin was inordinately influential and his many students in Taiwan and Japan have spread throughout the world. Howard is clear and forthright in his teaching. His demonstration is true to his subject. The set itself is deceptively simple giving the true "old style" Bagua in which the different palms could easily be intertwined and recombined. Wang Shu Jin was a student of Zhang Zhao Dong so we have a rare example of the Wang performng a bit of the Zhang style Bagua.
See a clip of Kent Howard performing Wang's style

Let me see the Linked Palms book.


Tan Tui with Ted MancusoDVD#19014 and 19015  
A course in Bagua Volumes #1 & #2

With Professor Kang GeWu

Here is a long awaited series of DVDs on the art of BaGua by one of the most influential martial historians of our time. Scrupulously accurate and profoundly informed, Professor Kang Ge-Wu is an authority acknowledged throughout China AND the off-mainland Chinese world as a major researcher in martial lore and history. A graduate in the first group of such scholars in Chinese history Kang has established himself head and shoulders above others as a tireless investigator and a clear thinker.

This FIRST DVD presents many faces of BaGua. It's really like four tapes in one.

There are numerous examples of different BaGua styles. Then an introduction to postural prinicples and hand positions.

BaGua stepping is clearly shown next. Then BaGua circling exercises. From that point on Kang demonstrates a number of historically accurate essentials. He shows the Big Eight Palms, akin to the "Mother Palms".

He demonstrates a very nice series of Post Standing exercises along with an Eight Part Qigong series.

There is a nice section on the postural requirements of BaGua with both right and wrong examples. Then he shows two entire sets of BaGua Palm changes: He begins with the Eight "Old" Palms, very suitable to someone learning the art. Then he progresses to the famous Chiang style "New" Palms (the same form demonstrated in our Art of Change DVD) which is acknowledged as one of the best sets to enter the BaGua door.

Finally Professor Kang shows BaGua free hands that links the beautiful motions of BaGua together.

Quantity   $32.50   for DVD #1
Buy both DVDs and save 20%! Instead of $65.00 PLUM PRICE $52.00.

The SECOND DVD of Professor Kang GeWu's series outlines and teaches the EIGHT Powers BaGua. With Professor Kang's usual precision and clarity he takes you through this treatment in a number of stages:

First, he introduces each Change Palm with names for every move (right and left sides having different names).

Next a group of students perform the actions simultaneously.

Aftert this he points out errors and potential problems with each section.

In an aerial view, Professor Kang performs each Change as part of Circle Walking.

We return to a group long shot with all students reprising the actions.

Next a number of APPLICATIONS are demonstrated from each circle.

And he does this for EACH Change!

Finally there is a valuable overview about "How to Practice" where Kang gives three distinct methods for improving your BaGua.

Quantity   $32.50   for DVD #2
Buy both DVDs and save 20%! Instead of $65.00 PLUM PRICE $52.00.

Bagua Concepts series with Tom Bisio

For a number of years, we at Plum had planned (and are still planning) an in-depth presentation on bagua applications. But we have just been too busy! So, it's with a little envious sigh that we acknowledge how good a job Sifu Tom Bisio has done on this new series of Gao Ji Wu's Bagua applications. Here's what we like: The DVDs assume you know something about Bagua, so they jump right in, showing applicatons and technical points. Also, Tom is a highly intelligent instructor and he shows usage in a truly CMA way, effortlessly transforming each application into its variations. On top of that, his Bagua usage is actually Bagua, crystallizing a lot of those principles we find missing in many presentations where Bagua applications turn out to be standard Kung Fu usage. Top Marks!

Each DVD $29.95
Order 2 for 10% discount (that's $26.95 each) or
Order ALL 3 for $75.00 ($25.00 each

Quantity   $75.00 SET OF THREE (order individual volumes below)  

(Also, check out Tom Bisio's excellent texts on Bagua here)


Joang style Bagua

DVD#21033  Bagua Concepts #1 Ding Shi

Bagua starts with two things: walking and specific arm positions. This blends movement, the walk, with stillness, the postures. After introducing them here, Sifu Bisio shows their application to common attacks.
Quantity   $29.95 

#21034  Bagua Concepts #2 Lao Ba Zhang and Linear Applications

Many people consider the Eight Changing Palms the core of Bagua. Here is the Gao Ji Wu version demonstrated and broken into applications. True to the name of the series, Tom Bisio points out a number of major concepts for Bagua practice.
Quantity   $29.95 

Joang style Bagua#21035  Bagua Concepts #3 You Shen (Swimming Body BaGua Lian Huan

A more advanced set with mixed postures and somewhat more complicated angles. Teacher Bisio shows even more key applications taken from the set. A good presentation.
Quantity   $29.95 
Joang style Bagua #10892  Jiang Style BaGua Zhang Jiang Rong Jiao's Bagua is often called the "New" form. Nonetheless it is a respectable, well constructed series which many, many instructors - including ourselves - teach as a foundation for further practice. This is one of the three versions we have of this set including one by Ted Mancuso and one by Professor Kang Ge Wu. The teacher in this case is the well known student of Sha Guo Zheng, Luo Jin Hua. Luo's movements are worth watching. A little tight (in the sense of smallness) than most his BaGua also has some nice elaborations. A very clear presentation of his movements. A strong, straight forward presentation. Luo has an active style and an alert mind.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles        

Quantity   $19.50  

Bagua 7 Star form DVD#29962 Bagua Successive 7 Stars & 8 Palms

The famous Jiang Rong Qiao taught Sha Guo Zheng who was Luo Jin Hua’s teacher. This is the origin of his Bagua Zhang. He studied with Sha for 16 years. The 7 Stars 8 Palms is what is known in Bagua as a linked form, a level of practice following the standard 8 Changing Palms where. As in Xing Yi, the essential elements are herein mixed together in a non-symmetrical way. Luo is unspecific as to the origin of this linked form but he does go into details on Bagua’s basic usage and the applications of specific techniques.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles         
Quantity   $19.50  

Bagua Double Fish SwordsDVD#29959 Bagua Double Fish Swords

This is a nice Deer Horn sword set in the Jiang manner. Luo, a student of Sha Guo Zheng, is fast, changeable and expert. His Bagua has the look of someone doing something they understand. As some of you may know, a knowledgeable member of our staff has personal experience with Luo and considers him a dedicated teacher and practitioner. As far as Bagua goes he is particularly agile with tight turning hand movements. This form is complex and interesting. Luo shows basic applications (against weapons) and discusses the swords at the end of the disk. A good presentation on the subject.

About 1 Hour, Chinese with English subtitles          
Quantity   $19.50  
Bagua San Shou

DVD#24149 & 24150 Bagua Introduction to San Shou Fighting

In this TWO DVD SERIES Marcus Brinkman, acupuncturist and student of Luo De Xiu, show a very organized approach to Bagua fighting applications. Brinkman starts every action from a loose San Shou position then shows how it can be applied in the pattern to get the general idea. He covers the Eight basic actions. His movements, rooted in the Gao style, are general enough for anyone to benefit. His hands are light and subtle to the point where some might sense he is being lackadaisical. Nonetheless the applications give a very clear approach to entering and controlling with Bagua actions. The eight points of this approach are: Volume #1: Chuan (pierce), Ban (move), Jie (intercept) and Lan (obstruct). Volume #2 covers: Ting (twist), Fan (overturn), Zou (walking) and Zhuan (Turning). These techniques live up to their name: Clever Hands. This would be an excellent class workout or workshop approach with a lot of partner who might change among themselves while applying the methods.

See a clip from this series 

Quantity  $29.95 Volume 1 #24149
Quantity  $29.95 Volume 2 #24150
Quantity  2 Volume SET: DVDs for 49.95

Bagua QigongDVD#21022 Bagua Chi Kung Double DVD
Secrets of the Dragon
Jason Tsou

This Double DVD gives an outstanding Chi Kung series specially adapted for Bagua Zhang students. Jason Tsou, another top teacher from the Liu Yun Chiao lineage, shows a rare example of Chuan Lin (Yin Fu) Bagua through the Gong Bao Tien branch. This Chi Kung incorporates five-element theory with the eight animals and the nine palaces. Each of the key movements are performed at three levels of complexity (San Tsai) with detailed instruction for breathing, posture and intent. This perfectly dovetails with the Internal Palms DVD from Adam Hsu, another Liu graduate.
Quantity  $29.95 for this Double DVD reduced from  $44.95

Bagua Art of Change #1DVD#19001 Bagua: The Art of Change #1
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications

The System of Bagua: a whole course in one tape...
"Nothing else like it on the market! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library.  
This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a "walk through" without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #1 gives an over view with a huge amount of information including Chi Kung and Usage. Some topics covered:
  • BaGua Theory: the components of BaGua
  • Circle Walking: BaGua's foundation
  • Chi Kung: Breath BaGua style
  • Basic Hand Changes: and spiral energy
  • Self-Defense Applications: with BaGua flavorBaGua Post Work: rarely seen
  • Complete 8 Changes: the "Set"
  • BaGua Patner Work: Duet practice
    Quantity  $32.50
    Quantity  Buy DVDs #19001 & #19002 together for a 20% per cent discount or $52.00 for both

Bagua Art of Change #1DVD#19002 Bagua: The Art of Change #2
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications

The Bagua Body: moving through change
"Nothing else like it on the market! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library.  
This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a "walk through" without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #2 concentrates on one of the most neglected aspects of BaGua practice, the development of the BaGua body with special exercises selected to improve BaGua practice of ANY STYLE! Some topics covered:
  • Single Limb warms ups
  • BaGua Wheel exercise
  • Many levels of Threading
  • The BaGua Ba Shih (8 Chi Kung Stances)
  • Self-Defense Practice Methods
  • BaGua Spontaneous Applications
  • BaGua Chin Na Applications
  • Tree Training
  • Single Palm San Shou

    Quantity  $32.50

    Quantity   Buy DVDs #19001 & #19002 together for a 20% per cent discount or $52.00 for both

Sun style BaguaDVD#12005 A Double DVD set on the art of Bagua

This is a twin DVD set of instruction on the art of Baguazhang by teacher Joanna Zorya.It is composed of two DVDs which were formerly separate. These include...
A Martial Foundation for Baguazhang :
"A Martial Foundation for Baguazhang" shows circle walking, postures and stepping methods as well as palm striking and kicking techniques. It should give you a reasonable grasp of how and why the system works and enable you to "make your training your own." I've always felt that if you want to get good at something you need to know why you're doing it."
Sun style Bagua Zhang and forms :
"Sun style Baguazhang" shows the 10 Sun Style Palm Changes as described in Sun Lutang's book, plus plenty of combat applications."

This set of TWO DVDs is now only

Quantity  $55.00 with about fifty minutes per disk

PLUM SPECIAL: Buy two or more volumes of any J. Zorya DVD (includingTaiji and XingYi) and receive a 10% discount!
Here are Ms Zorya's notes from her slipcase...

Bagua Broadsword#DVD 14025 Bagua Broadsword

This teacher's work inspires different viewpoints. For some he is adequate at best with nothing inherently wrong but little martial spirit evident; much as one might expect from someone who indentifies himself as a calligrapher. On the other hand his forms are accurate, and what he may—to some— lack in strength and martial forcefulness he makes up for in clarity of presentation. This is a Bagua Sword broken down in a straight form presentation. A nice form where the word "serviceable" comes to mind.

Quantity  $39.95 also available in vcd , 72 Minutes, English  

NOTE: Order any two Jiang DVDs and get a 10% discount on both.

See Jian's home page

Swimming Dragon BaguaDVD#11433 Sun style Swimming Dragon Bagua

Sun style Bagua is shown. Not so much a form as a verbal explanation mixed with a spontaneous demonstration of what it means to “link palms.” There is also a section on usage that gives a good representation of the applications locked within the form. For at least fifteen minutes teacher Deng moves through various postures while explaining the key points of Sun Lu Tang style of Bagua with emphasis on the differences between XY and BG palm formation, what is meant by continuous change, etc. Next he demonstrates key points of form with his disciple. Finally they lightly spar and show applications with an emphasis on Bagua’s special characteristics.

53 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles     

Quantity  $15.95 also available in vcd

See more Deng Fu Ming DVDs

Bagua 64 HandsDVD#18043 Sun Xing Yi Bagua 64 Hands

Much as in Gao Bagua Zhang style, the Sun combines the straight line practice. This DVD shows 8 lines each of 8 movements which pretty clearly show the Sun style application of its particular intersection of Bagua and Xing Yi. Deng demonstrates once again on his student, Li YiHua, with very precise angles and points of applications.

51+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles    

Quantity  $15.95

Bagua 64 Turning PalmsDVD#18047 Sun Xing Yi Bagua 64 Turning Palms

Deng demonstrates the Sun Bagua Zhang in an unusual and instructive way by showing, as he teaches the breakdown, the applications energy of each movement of each palm. Then he demonstrates on Li Yi Hua at the end. It can be a little confusing because, like a real martial artist, he loves to mix all the possible variations in with the basic instruction but at least you won't be wondering what it's all about. As Deng says in his introduction, Bagua is fighting and not that mysterious.

50+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles    

Quantity  $15.95 

Liang Bagua footwork#10128  BaGua Footwork

This program introduces Bai Bu and Ko Bu major stepping in Bagua. Other combat oriented methods are also shown. Three practice methods are introduced: Single continuous practice, Zhi Tong continuous Practice & Circle continuous practice .

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles    
See Liang Bagua home page   
Quantity  $15.95