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NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).
Emei Double Partner Swords Kung FuNew! Iron Sand Palm Secrets- TC638
By Yuan Chu Cai
$14.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
144 Pages Softbound

illustrations and photos


In an academic setting these notes might be called “accumulated.” You could make a case for “stolen” too, but not really. Here we have a bunch of writings on the practice of Iron Palm. You have everyone from Mas Oyama to the obligatory photo of Gu Ru Zhang and his twelve bricks.  Poor photography is an understatement but no worse than the individual books bound together here. Finger striking, palm striking, iron palm qigong, eagle catches, applications and more, gathered and with commentary. Not the kind of book you build your special library on— like iron arm bracelets— but a lot of different views for the money.


Emei Double Partner Swords Kung FuSouthern Shaolin Five Ancestors Boxing- TC160
by Chen HuoYu
Traditional Chinese Characters;
174 pages, hundreds of photographs $10.95

This amalgamated style called the Five Animals is a major player for the Southern Boxing species. This book gives an in-depth series of basics and forms. A bonus form is the well-known but rarely encountered signature weapon for the south: the Trident or Tiger Fork. The style’s relatively short forms seem to exhibit a theme so, for instance, Five Ancestors Double Claws begins with Claws and adds moves from here. Then applications are shown to break the form down. 

Five Ancestor Structure
Five Ancestor Three Battle Fist
Five Ancestor Double Claw
Five Ancestor Striking Hand
Five Ancestor Trident


Emei Double Partner Swords Kung FuXing Yi Secluded Sword- A610
Yan Zi Yang and Yan Ni Chai
$12.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
96 Pages Softbound - illustrations

An interesting booklet. This from the Li Cun Yi branch of Xing Yi, through Yan Zi Yang. This 90-page instructional text has aout 100 good quality B/W photographs detailing the sword. There is also a short introduction reminding us of some key points to this premiere weapon. Poses are named in Chinese and there are a few sketches of just how the sword should move in the air. Modern photos, but the posing and shape are definitely traditional.


Northern Buddha Boxing Kung FuLiu He Boxing Tan Tui Illustrated- TC537
Edited by Zhu Guo Fu
250 pages, old photographs
$10.95, Traditional Chinese Characters.

Liu He (Six Harmony) Boxing was a widely practiced style in the 19th century. Today it lives mostly through its connection with Wan Lai Sheng the "Bruce Lee" of his day. Similar to Xing Yi with which it shares a part of its full name (Liu He Xin Yi, Liuhe Xing Yi), this is a direct style emphasizing syncopation, angular attack and elbow control. This style shares more than a name with a branch of Praying Mantis known as Six Harmony Mantis (Liu He Tang Lang). This is a old text with lots of rough photographs. Short pants make the photos oddly anachronistic. Clear pictures, a highly readable Traditional Chinese fount, and authentic photos and movements. Especially good for the Tan Tui enthusiast (yes, there are some, like us for instance).



Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1Shaolin Kung Fu Kan Jia #1

Special Section: Here are a number of books on Shaolin Mantis including the Shaolin Mantis and the "Kan Jia" or "inside" school of Shaolin. The books are in both English and Chinese (The English is always the same. The Chinese characters may be traditional or simplified depending on our stock.) This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully designed. This series has an introductory calligraphic introduction by Yang Zhao Ting, the former president of the National Chinese WuShu Association. The writer of the series, Geng Jun, studied under Su Xi, Su Fa and Li Zhuan Yuan. There are general notes and demonstrations of the Shaolin stances for the entire series. There's also a nice short color section on students and Geng Jun's activities. The side-by-side Chinese and English make this a very useful text with clear instructions.

To see these dual-language books click here.

Northern Buddha Boxing Kung FuShaolin Big Trident- TC830
Edited by Ding Kua Se
62 pages, drawings, old characters, cartoony drawings
$10.95, Traditional Chinese Characters.

A somewhat funky book showing a Shaolin Trident set. Charming with “hand written” style font and small but clear and slightly “cartoony” illustrations of this set with a fairly rare weapon. The trident is an interesting weapon requiring the performer to turn the body this way and that to determine the angle for the tines. The trident was also known as the Tiger Fork. In the old days this weapon was occasionally hollowed out and filled with stone balls. The technique required that the trident was almost continually spin to create a loud rattling noise to “scare the tiger.”


Kung Fu Agile BoxingAgile Boxing Illustrated - TC427
by (Fu) Xiu Shan 傅秀山
$9.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
92 Pages Softbound, photographs. 1984 reprint, published by Hua Lian Chubanshe

We have not seen this one before. It shows a form from the Mei Hua Plum Blossom system, once so large a style and associated with rebels and Muslims in the Qing Dynasty. This intriguing set is simple and somewhat resembles Xing Yi in the conservatism of the postures —especially for a Northern Fist. The photographs are not great but they are clear since we assume the late Twenties, early Thirties for the original publication.

Emei Double Partner Swords Kung FuEmei Double Partner Swords- TC426
Yuan Chu Tsai 袁楚材
$11.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
96 Pages Softbound - illustrations .

This is a great old set performed as a two man sword form. Each section is shown with a one photo per page format accompanied by explanation. We think that most any text by the prolific (for his time) Yuan Chu Tsai is worth a look and this one has particularly good photos for its era of course Yuan's ever present "deep horse" positions.


Northern Buddha Boxing Kung FuNorthern style Buddha Boxing - TC420
by Yuan Chu Cai
$7.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
92 Pages Softbound - illustration.

This is a book from the early twentieth century author Yuan Chu Cai who produced a number of texts. This book, Buddha Fist, has also been available with the old photographs of Yuan himself. In this particular edition they have been substituted with line drawings which are obviously tracings from the photographs. The text is traditional Chinese handwritten. There is a section section with a tiny two person "eagle claw" exercise sequence. The text is probably complete but does not have Yuan original introductory comments. On the other hand the illustrations may make the movements easier to learn.



Drunken 8 Immortals Kung FuDrunken 8 Immortals Boxing - TC417
by Zhang Yang Chin
$8.25 Traditional Chinese Characters;
95 Pages Softbound - illustrations.

We know a lot of people enjoy Drunken Fist, especially Drunken Eight Immortals. But, before you get too excited, click on the picture. You will note that this - actually rather well known - text has illustrations of a man in his shorts and black boots doing the set. If that's OK you have yourself a Southern Fist Drunken set with numerous ground rolls and a rather lengthy introduction in Chinese.



Shaolin Linked Fists Kung Fu Shaolin Linked Fist Secrets - TC411
by Ding Shao Sz
$8.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
77 Pages Softbound - illustrations.

This is a short set with definite Long Fist characteristics. Ding Shao Sz's older brother was Ding Jing Yun and he was also influenced by Zhang Xiang San. Here is a very clear, hand written, explanation of a wide open, flowing and simple set. The illustrations, traced from photos, leave a little to be desired but they also enhance the charm of this text.



Hung Gar Kung Fu BoxingHung Gar's Iron Thread Fist - TC404
by Lam Sai Wing
$10.50 Traditional Chinese Characters;
140 Pages Softbound - illustrations.

The illustrations in this series of books on Hung Gar Kung Fu are legendary in the world of martial arts (see the Tiger Crane TC 101). They may very well be some of the best ever done. This is the famous Iron Thread Boxing of this style. Lum Sai Wing here shows this Internal/External form with its emphasis on short and penetrating Fa Chin. Related to the Biu Ji set of Wing Chun? Possibly as is the Yin stance of the style.