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TRADITIONAL  Chinese Characters Page 12: Praying Mantis Books # 2

These books show the Praying Mantis style in traditional Chinese characters. Many are difficult to find in any form whatsoever and those for sale here may be the last of their respective editions.
Info on Master Wong (Huang Han Hsun)

Lion Books



NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).

Praying Mantis H.B. UnNew Edition! A225 Eight Step Praying Mantis Boxing
from Shifu Wei XiaoTang
$34.95, 412 pages, softbound, lots of photographs, Chinese only

This almost qualifies as an entire system under two covers. Almost FOUR times as large as the earlier edition, this text covers many topics as seen below. As you can see, there is much about the style, family and generations including color pages. Sets broken down and with good photos are LiPi Boxing, Four Section Zhai Yao, Seven Cross Hands, The Small Seven Exercise and Form with photos Straight Sword practice. This supersedes A210 below.

Mantis boxing's fundamentals
Seeking Entrance
Attitude and practice
Throwing, striking and Chin Na
Mantis boxing kicking skills explained
• leg arts explained
• hand arts
• eight step art
• method of of  3 stops, 3 slow and 4 difficulties
• various applications
• 8 postures
• applications
• forms
• 8 strikes 8 forbidden
origin Mantis boxing genealogy
Babu Mantis heritage
victories eight conditions
Mantis boxing
Photos of Tang Lang straight sword
An article on Mantis Push Hands
Empty Hand forms
Straight Sword practice
Practical use of footwork
Much about the style, family and generations including color pages

Praying Mantis H.B. Un

by Gao Tao Sheng


A very clear presentation of a Praying Mantis form. 4 Methods Running Strike is said to be mostly based on Long Fist but to combine Short Fist applications also. The book is a nice instructional text with an older Gao Shihfu himself demonstrating . Color photos in the back show applications selected from the set. Nicely laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality photo.



Praying Mantis H.B. UnBack in Stock! A202 TIGER-SWALLOW FIST
by Gao Tao Sheng
$14.95, 121 pages, softbound, lots of photographs
Note: This book is in Chinese and English!

A famous routine in Mantis circles, the Tiger/Swallow is a form of contrasts. Essentially simple and easy to learn it specializes in "Big Opening and Big Closing", straightforward techniques typical of Mantis, and some quick changes. Beautifully laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality page of photos never more than two. Applications are covered in the text.

Master Gao TaoSheng: born in 1915. Training: Di Gong Men with Master Fan Zhong-ching, Praying Mantis at the QingDao Martial Arts School, Northern Shaolin at the JiNan Martial Arts School, and Wu Dang under Taoist priest Fa Zhou.In FuXian he continued his Shaolin Long Fist and Praying Mantis training under Grandmaster Wang Song-ting for 8 years. 1949 he moved to Taiwan. 1961 he founded the Hsing-Sheng Martial Arts School in Taipei.

This introductory form shows key Praying Mantis skills. The photography is clear with only one or two pictures per page. The form is not long and includes not only basics actions but some poses particularilly good for demonstrating proper Kung Fu posture. Long out of print, we're glad to see this one back.

Straightforward English/Chinese breakdown.



Praying Mantis H.B. UnBack in Stock! A203 TWO ROUTINE LONG BOXING
by Gao Tao Sheng


Another clear presentation of a Praying Mantis form in the Long Fist branch . This set, demonstrated by a seasoned teacher, emphasizes Long Fist energies and speed, opening/closing and Fa jin (issuing power). This is the Mantis version of Shaolin type moves, including jump kicks. Good presentation with each text page facing opposite a high quality page of photos.


Praying Mantis Kung Fu Southern stylePraying Mantis Boxing- TC 156
compiled by multiple writers
$16.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
382 pages, over 700 illustrations

This is a series of forms all dedicated to a progressive representation of the Praying Mantis style. There are three forms for empty hands and three for the straight sword. Each category is divided into beginning middle and upper. The straight sword is a favorite of the mantis style. I believe this is due to its lightness and speed. Also the larger range of body angles and seemingly off-balance movements in its use which match up like brother and sister with the essence of the mantis style. Lastly the high level of coordination between both hands could reach higher levels of training with additional skills wrested form swordplay.


Praying Mantis Kung Fu Southern style

Six Harmony Praying Mantis Boxing- TC 422
by Liu JingRu
$17.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
250+ pages, Softbound. Photographs.

Besides his studies of Xing Yi and BaGua, Liu JingRu has been involved for many years with LiuHe Tang Lang. This books is very thorough and well photographed. Besides basics and background it gives some nice insights into the Mantis community of Liu's youth. ALL of the major seven sets of the LiuHe Mantis are shown including the Six Harmony "Tuan Chui" fist. For those not familiar LiuHe is one of the "softer" styles of mantis with less emphasis on the famous hand hook and more on sophisticated fluid motions. A very good book on the subject.



Praying Mantis Kung Fu Eight Step ApplicationsPractical Praying Mantis - TC 502
by Wei Xiao Tang
$13.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
143 Pages Softbound - illustrations

This is a book on the application of Mantis technique. It has a sample set of 8 Step (Ba Bu Tang Lang) Zhai Yao Road #2. But a number of technique and practices are shown herein.


Praying Mantis Kung Fu with Zhang Xiang San

Zi Mu Lian Huan Quan - TC 430
by Zhang Xiang San
$9.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
88 Pages Softbound - illustrations

Mother-Son Continuous Boxing. Another of the relatively rare books by Taiwan's greatest Six Harmony Mantis master, Zhang Xiang San. Might this be called the Lian Bu Quan of the SHPM system? This stepping form shows some of the movements that make up the hands-on approach from Zhang's teacher Deng Zi Cheng where students perfect groups of mantis skills then string them into forms. Chinese characters in handwritten style so a little difficult to read everything unless you are quite familiar. Introduction about Kung Fu training goals, the form explained with photos of Zhang himself, then a "Song of Crossing Hands (fighting)" at the back with a few verses of explanatory adages. By the way, Mother-Son often refers to basic movements in Kung Fu but in SHPM in particular it refers to necessary stepping stones for further development.
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Praying Mantis Kung Fu with Zhang Xiang San

Seven Star Mantis Zhai Yao - TC 409
by Zhang Xiang San
$9.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
140 Pages Softbound - illustrations

This one should be in the library of anyone interested in the Praying Mantis. Zhang Xiang San was one of Taiwan's best in the art of Praying Mantis. He was particularly known for his Liu He Mantis. Here is an important set rendered in the art of Seven Star Mantis. In his teachings Zhai Yao (Summary Set) was an introduction to many of the important basics and concepts of the Mantis. His style shows Seven Star but with a distinct Liu He flavor. This book has only one or two photos per page with a hand written text.
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Praying Mantis Kung Fu Southern style

Southern Mantis Fighting Forms - TC 516
by Ye Rui Bian
$12.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
76 pages, photographs, softbound

Tang Lang Quan Dui Shou. This is a classic book showing Kung Fu boxing as is rarely seen nowadays. This shows the less well known Southern Style Praying Mantis Boxing. Not a form book; each large picture shows first the posture and then the application of the major hand positions and strikes. A close, Short Arm boxing form. A truly representative addition to a Kung Fu library whether or not you practice Mantis.