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NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).

Two Handed Straight SwordCha Style Applications - SC529 
By Ding Ming Ye
145 pages, 231 photographs
$13.95   Simplified Chinese text, photographs


This is a book showing self defense applications from the Cha style Kung Fu, period. Many techniques are shown and the photography is pretty clear. Considering the number of pages this is one of the most densely packed texts we have. Generally the attempt here is to show a lot of applications and to retain the Long Fist flavor of Cha Quan. Locking, throwing, some kicks, body projections. A good visual reference.



Two Handed Straight Sword

Wu Song Breaks Manacles - SC248  
by Ling Chang Ming
$17.95  66 pages, English/Chinese text, illustrations and accompanying VCD showing exercises also with minimal English/Chinese narration.

A favorite form throughout Northern China. Wu Song, one of the 108 bandits of Liang Mountain, was eventually captured by the imperial troops but fought his way free anywhere. This famous incident is a theme of Chinese heritage. At first the player must demonstrate his skillful moves while his hands are grasped together. As he shows his technique he uses not only his joined hands but also every available point of the so called “seven stars”: head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet. A vigorous and interesting form this is often a favorite demonstration form. Some unusual techniques and applications.



Chuo Jiao Boxing

Chuo Jiao Boxing - SC513
by Cai Jing He
$16.95, Simplified Chinese Characters Only
220 Pages, Softbound. Photographs including COLOR plates.

Now, you want to see some WILD kicking, here is the book. The demonstration is aided by 24 pages of nice color shots and the baggiest pair of pants you will see this side of Castroville. The only trouble with this book is that the photos are sometimes small for the wonderful actions shown. Applications are demonstrated along with a plethora of kicks. Small Chuo Jiao forms Snake, Cat, Bird are also shown. Chuo Jiao is truly an interesting style and this book, of limited stock, is a good piece of representation in anyone's martial library.
Resources: About Chuo Jiao.

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Two Handed Straight Sword

Two Handed Straight Sword - SC238  
by Mao JingYu & Mao Jing Guang
$17.95  54 pages, English/Chinese text, illustrations and accompanying VCD showing exercises also with minimal English/Chinese narration.

The extra length of the blade for two-handed sword is compensated by the additional length of the handle which also allows a double grip. The movements for this weapon often alternate between the single and double grip. This is a good weapon if you are familiar enough with straight sword and the so-called “hidden sword” of the correct left hand position to make the transition to double holding. This form is comprised of 49 movements with many spins, turns and off-angle techniques. This can be a good practice weapon for wrist strength and a great performance weapon if handled well. Overall, another beautiful form with this two-handed sword.



WuDang secret door

WuDang Secret Door Attack & Defense Art: Introductory Text - SC505
WuDang MiMen JiJiShu:RuMen Pian
by Gao Xiang
$12.95, Simplified Chinese Characters Only
343 Pages, Softbound. Illustrated.

Almost kick boxing-like in its immediacy and form, this WuDang style is shown in a book of excellent photography and many pages. This is a part one of a two part series for WuDang self defense. The actions here resemble nothing so much as that style called Nippon ShorinJi which is to say Japanese Shaolin. Knee butts, jump action, punches, kicks, stretches, warm ups, dodges all type of movements illustrate this get-to-it book. Said to be derived from Gao Jin-Shan and the Seven Immortals Secret Manual this series has a lot of "secret door" information including "Secret Door" Chi Kung, "SD Eye exercises", "SD striking" and much more. The first book shows a single player performing many grabbing attacks and fierce actions. The second book is partnered and demonstrates the usage of the art.



Praying Mantis BoxingPraying Mantis Fist- SC504
by various
$17.95 Simplified Chinese Characters Only
390 Pages, Softbound. Photographs.

This is a book on contemporary WuShu's Praying Mantis. The excellent and clear illustrations are from photos. This book is filled with information, especially if you are interested in the contemporary version. Also the information available is indeed generous with six forms represented: the first three being three levels of hand forms and the latter three being three difficulty levels of straight sword in the mantis manner. Foot pattern illustrations and clearly printed explanations help.


Sun Lu Tang's Kung Fu

The Writings of Sun Lu Tang - SC521
by Sun Lu Tang
$19.95   Simplified Chinese Characters
414 Pages, Softbound. over many old photographs.

We presently sell a fine reprint from Lion Books of Sun Lu ang's collected writings in traditional Chinese. Here is a similar text only in Simplified Chinese. This volume contains not only the original writings but the photographs of Sun himself. The collected writings contain: Ba Gua Sword, Xing Yi True Art, Tai Chi Studies, Ba Gua Studies and Xing Yi Studies. We also have some translations by Tim Cartmell and Joseph Crandall of Sun's writings. A very famous and, to some, major figure in 20th Century Chinese arts. Others are less convinced of the value of his work especially regarding his lumping of Xing Yi, Tai Chi and Ba Gua in the "internal arts" basket.


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Chuo Jiao Fan Zi Kung FuWu Bin Lou's Chuo Jiao Fan Zi Boxing- SC510
by Zhang Da Wei, Hong Zhi Tian & Zhong Hai Ming
$21.95, Simplified Chinese Characters Only
621, Softbound. Soft Bound. Photographs.

The Penetrating Foot and Tumbling Style of Wu Bin Lou is presented here very thoroughly. Just to demonstrate forms included in this voluminous text include: Pu Dao, Saber, 7 Star Sword, Free Hand 18 Methods, Applications (a lot), Posture training, Chi Kung, Meditation practices, Foundation Set, Branch Set #2, Branch Set #3, Yen Qing 18 Turns, Big Tumble, Small Tumble, Di Tang Ground Boxing and Kao Zhen (also known as Lohan Boxing). Chuo Jiao is a historically old system that went through tremendous renovation and consolidation in the twentieth century. This is a definitive text on the forms and theories of the style.
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