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Tai Chi Mei Hua Praying Mantis #2SC340 -Wu (Shaman) Family Boxing-
by De Jian Guo
$19.95, Simplified Chinese Characters Only
179 Pages, Softbound. Color Photographs

This is a folk style form Hebei area. It was compiled and created by a Mr. Wu BiDa (1751-1812). Its aim was to combine Southern Hands and Northern legs. It claims direct lineage to the Southern branch of Shaolin Kung Fu. The movements of this style are conservative and flexible, something like a marriage of Tiger and Monkey (though these two would never be associated if they could help it). The forms are mostly compact (don't let the flying kick on the cover fool you) and organically shaped, nothing like some of the more rigid styles of Southern Shaolin. An interesting sidebar is that the family name, "WU", is not the typical one but an ancient symbol of two figures sitting on the earth. This represents the ability exist be in two worlds at the same time, and has always been the Chinese word for shaman.



Wu Dang Kung Fu Short WeaponsSecrets of WuDang Short Weapon Skills - SC408
WuDang MiZhuan TuanBing JueJi
by You Ming-Sheng and Zhao Rong
$12.50 , Simplified Chinese Characters Only
301 Pages, Softbound. Photographed.

Lots of photos in this book about Wu Dang short weapons. Dressed in the traditional attire of a Taoist monk, the demonstrator shows a nice set with a short stick, about heart high. Besides the demonstration are interspersed applications against an armed attacker who uses another stick and, occasionally, a SHOVEL! Other sets include a Wu Dang "Snake shaped" straight sword, whisk and "Night Traveler" Saber.



Mei Hua Kung Fu

White Ape Tong Bei Boxing- SC246  
by Li ShaoLiang
$16.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
66 pages, English/Chinese text, illustrations and accompanying VCD showing exercises also with minimal English/Chinese narration.

TongBei is a famous school of martial arts which takes the monkey as its spirit. Its technique is violent and fierce. It emphasizes flexibility of the shoulders and back hence the name “Tong Bei” which means “Through the Back.” Its movements, besides exhibiting high level boxing skill have positive effects on the health. Though probably an ancient art the first record of this style was by Huang ZongXi in the Ming Dynasty. The Chi family version of the style was developed during the Qing Dynasty. A fast style Tong Bei moves are light, soft but powerful. The breakdown of the VCD clearly shows the flavor and fundamental movements of the style.

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