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Mei Hua Kung Fu

Xing Yi Five Elements and Twelve Animals- SC 244  
Edited by SuLing,
$17.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
146 pages, English/Chinese text, illustrations and accompanying VCD showing exercises also with minimal English/Chinese narration.

XingYi developed in the later Ming dynasty has had a strong effect on Chinese Martial Arts. It is a well-structured style based essentially on Five Elements and Twelve Animals. The Five Elements Boxing shown here is so fundamental it is called the Mother Boxing. The Twelve Animals add not only variation but angular changes and even the predatory aspects of the animal qualities. The demonstration in the book is clear and simple, the one on the VCD is Teacher Li SuLing, the editor of the entire masters series.

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Departed Warriorw or Kung FuXinYi Butterfly Hands - SC145
by Yan Wu Wei

$16.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
268 pages, soft bound, full page photographs

Xin Yi Liu He Traditional Boxing Techniques.
The Butterfly Hands is a sub-style associated with the Xin Yi Liu He  which, to some, represents the original Xing Yi. The unusual hand position makes many of these moves look like a linear version of Bagua Zhang. This shows the components of butterfly hands, then links them into a formal struture that finally shows their applicatins and special flavor. About medium sized photos of pretty good quality. The extreme twist of the wrist is the most immediately noticeable characteristic of the style. In combat it specialize in double hand actions and close quarters.



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Xing Yi weaoinsKnights of Xing Yi Boxing - SC 432
by Li Rui Lin

$32.95 Simplified Chinese Characters
401 pages, soft bound, historic photographs

This is without a doubt one of the most complete books we have had on the art of Xing Yi Quan. Taking 1856 and the work of Li Lao Neng as a basis it chronicles the growth of Xing Yi through the generations compiling and evaluating the contribution of each generation and its captains. A sampling of the information covered includes:

Chapter 1: The exotic flower of Xing Yi, its special combination of military and contemplative arts, its spread and acceptance in the martial community

Chapter 3:
Represented by Guo Yun Shen at 36 becomes Li Lao Neng's disciple, Guo Yun Shen's tombstone legend, Guo Yun Shen finds and captures a great robber, Xing Yi Quan is given a recommendation from the Tong Zhi emperor (1862-1874), Guo Yun Shen and Dong Hai Chuan joined XY and BG, 40 character poem for future generations, Xing Yi Quan and BG, Guo Yun Shen gathers many followers, Guo Yun Shen attending an ambush, Guo Yun Shen training “Half Step Beng Punch”, wealthy patrons helping Guo Yun Shen, Guo Yun Shen's three victories “Bagua Ghost”

Chapter 4: The outstanding contribution of Xing Yi Quan's third generation. XYQ's third generation makes outstanding contributions to spread XYQ. 7 knights become sworn blood brothers, Cheng Ting Hua's skill at Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang, from XYQ, the creation of Wang Xiang Zhai's Yi Quan (Da Cheng. Xing Yi Quan's dynamic disciples from Tian Jin cover the earth:Li Cun Yi promotes the essence of this cultural art, “Lightning Flash Hand”,“Unbeaten under Heaven” Zhang Zhan Kui

Chapter 5: Pioneering "real combat" and the "essence of military spirit"
Sun Zhong Shan (Sun Yat Sen)'s “Alliance Society” inspired “Tian Jin Chinese Martial Society”, its aim was to oppose aggression, inspire patriotism and advance the country. Aiding the national struggle for democracy,Xing Yi Quan Knights were formed in TianJin while martial culture was breaking up throughout China. This was a major contribution to martial unity.

Chapter 7: promoting Xing Yi Quan to an important style
Chapter 8: Xing Yi Quan's Fifth Generation promotion the culture of the art
Chapter 9: The development and transmission of skill through the generations of Xing Yi Quan

As can be seen there is a compendium of information, much of it centered around Han Gu, Tian Jin. There are also many biographical notes somewhat in the manner of the now famous Cang County Record. Overall a fine presentation with the old pictures alone of great interest. Not an instructional book.



Song style Xing Yi book

Song Style Xing Yi Boxing - SC 620
by Song Guang Hua
$15.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
335 pages, Soft bound, Illustrations.

Developed by Song Shi Rong, this style of Xing Yi is indeed one of the most popular and well known of them all. In this book we have a good cross section of the art. Besides introductory remarks on history and practice representative sections include: the San Ti, The 17 Powers Fist, the 16 Technique Partner set, the Six Line Saber, the Six Harmony Spear, the "Unicorn Horn" Knives (see picture) and the Big Protect Virtue Spear. Clear photographs and much information.



Dai Xin Yi real meaning

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Dai Style Xin Yi Quan: Real Meaning - SC 415
by Ma Lin Zhang
$19.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
308 Pages, Softbound. Photographed.

Practice methods, Nei Gong, striking arts, Ten true Animal actions, Forms (Mother Fists, HeNan Ba Shih Linked Fist), historical and theoretical papers, Xin Yi continuous strikes, Xin Yi Chi Kung, 6 Harmony postures. This is an excellent over view of a system that is gaining more fame and popularity, deservedly. As practitioners of Xing Yi know, Xin Yi is an alternative name but a specific branch. It has produced many fine practitioners among them George Xu who is well known in the West.


Xing Yi quick method

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XING YI Quick Self Instruction -SC 107
by Wang Jian Hua
$9.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
224 pages Softbound . Illustrated.

A simple book on the art of Xing Yi, "Self Taught". This contains a number of forms including Hand Sets (5 Element & 5 Element Linked), and the four "Grandparent" weapons: Staff, Spear, Sword and Saber.


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Song Style Xing Yi Boxing - SC 626
by Song Guang Hua
Two volumes for $28.50 Traditional Chinese Characters
228 & 348 Pages each, photographs, softbound

This is a nice set of books. Volume One shows basic practice, Tu Shou (bare handed) form and Tu Shou Partner Practice including Five Elements, Five Elements Linking, Yin Yang Ba, Iron Bolt Form, 12 Shapes, Zhazhi, Mutual Four Ba Punches, Five Elements Partners, Three Blossoms Canon Partners. Also some beautiful tinted photographs of past instructors in the style. Volume Two contains sections of Left Door Spear, Coiling Dragon Sword, Six Harmony Staff, Two person Skilled Hand Staff, Two person 13 Sabers, the Xing Yi Tan Tui and the Song style Coiling Root (Pan Gen) chi kung exercises. Also there are extensive notes on Song style Xing Yi.






More about "Departed Warriors"

The public has always been in a fog about the martial arts. Mr. Lin Zhong Xian deals directly with this through the exemplary type of work that originally appeared in Wu Hun (Martial Spirit) magazine. Now this popular book gives a comprehensive account of his dedicated martial studies and the times where China was, in part, regaining her self-confidence through her martial past.

After the end of the Qing Dynasty many major political leaders, such as Sun Yat Sen and Feng Yu Xiang, encouraged the strengthening of China through its wushu heritage. This was a boom time for the military academies, particularly for styles like Xing Yi with its well respected combat heritage.

Mr. Lin Zhong Xian was there during this period. And from major Xing Yi masters he gained an insight into what true Kung Fu looked like. Li was lucky enough to gain instruction from a student of Li Cun Yi, the great Shang Yun Xiang a contemporary and equal of Sun Lu Tang.

Lin recollects, with the help of Hao Shu Feng, details of a lifetime of training and the personalities who were his models. This book uses the detailed, insider information of technical details about Bagua and Xing Yi to demonstrate the martial mind and methodology. It shows insights into people whose whole lives have revolved around the martial.

Sample Chapter Titles

Lin Zhong Xian autobiography
Teacher is a Plain Talking Man
Calling the Arm a Landscape
I Am Frightened
Skill Becomes Useless
Kill People like Cutting Grass
A Great Road like a Clear Sky
Long Sword Hung on an Empty Wall
The sun and the moon and I are one
God-shaped opening
10,000-words Not Worth a Cup of Water