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The history of Kung Fu is just being assembled. Sometimes a picture, or a small description can indeed help with the research. Here, presented for the aid of the interested, is a collection of pictures and descriptions. We have no idea if these will ever be available again in any form. They do record a very important phase of Chinese WuShu when publishing was just beginning in the field. We welcome contributions to this section from other collectors.

These books are NOT AVAILABLE through PLUM at the present time.


San Da THROWING METHODS -SC 106750 Not for Sale
by Tong QingHui

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

246 pages Softbound.Illustrated.
A clearly illustrated (line drawings) book on the Shuai Jiao component of San Da training. Most of the applications are from the self defense standpoint as opposed to competition. Many little sections on training methods, strength building, belt pulling etc.

Sun Bin Style Kung Fu- SC 1181250 Not for Sale
by Meng XianTang

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

412 pages Softbound. Photographs.
The only thing wrong about this very extensive book is that the photographs are so small and not of the best quality. This is one of the most comprehensive books on a style we've seen in a long time. The editions in our hands were published in 1995 and they are a little worn. But the interior covers a wide range of this famous but relatively rare style ofKung Fu based on the grandson of the world reknown Sun Tzu who wrote the Art of War. Sun Bin's writing is also considered among the major military commentators of all time.

Tai Chi for Health & Chi Kung- SC 1190495 Not for Sale
by Li HongYi

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

101 pages Softbound. Line drawings, 1995.
These books have been sitting on bookstore shelves for almost 10 years. Their covers are a little wrinkled but over all these are nice, inexpensive volumes. Over a hundred photos are concerned with Mr. Li's demonstration of the Yang style from a health standpoint. Master Li also shows some general moves for health such as extended Cloud Hands. The photos vary in quality but, considering the cost, this is a nice little book.

Introduction to Tai Chi Method - SC 1200895 Not for Sale
by Li HongYi

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

111 pages Softbound. Line drawings, 1998.
There are a number of Tai Chi derived exercises in this book including the 24 postures set from the World Tai Chi Association. A number of decent stretches. Good but small photographs. The Tai Chi Six Hand warm up set, Tai Chi walking exercises, and basics of Tai Chi health movements all are covered in this text.

Kung Fu SpearFan Ke Ping's Books:- SC
Wrapped in leggings, his hair tied in a bun, this ancient warrior goes through a bunch of wonderfully funky postures: warming up on a drum seat, being stretched on a rack, performing hand stands, balances, kicks and strange hand positions.
Here is a series of books most of which were published in the 1990's. They are from Fan Ke Ping, a specialist in the WuDang Tai He style and, seemingly, in the Four Gate style as well which could be a Tai He subsection. Most of these start with the same introductyory section which often covers over 30% of the book.
Each book has five sections, the first four of which entail basics chi kung, exercises, conditioning, strikes and applications. The remainder of each volume centers on a specific subject. A few books are essentially text only with very few illustrations. The general theme of the books is either very simple weapons sets—some quite rare such as needles, bench and strange weapons— or what one might call unsual information such as "poison hand" training (which is covered in his VCDs above) or wall climbing skills.

MEI HUA - Plum Blossom Pole Boxing - SC 2010950R Not for Sale
by Lu Gong-Li

Simplified Chinese Characters

366 pages, Softbound. Illustrations. 1993.
An inexpensive edition on the art of Plum Blossom
Boxing. Not to be confused with the Plum Blossom poles which may or may not be part of the style. This book has single and two person hand sets. The most interesting point in the Mei Hua Boxing illustrated here is that all the sets are designed on a Square grid systems with diagonals and center making up the five "plum blossoms." Most of our copies are slightly worn but insides are nice.

YIN Style BaGua Palms - SC 2040895WR Not for Sale
by Liu Yong Chun

Chinese Characters Only

171 pages, Softbound. Photographs.
This is a book specifically about Yin Fu Style BaGua. Besides background on BaGua in general it contains a history of Yin Style and text on its guiding principles. There are many charts on Trigram correspondences. Next a section on Secrets of footwork. A discussion on power. Old 8 Palms is followed by: Threading Palms; Ba Gua striking; Rolling Body Sliding Palms; major teachers in BaGua.
Many sections of the Eight Palm Changes have supplementary photos on usage. Also there is another short practice series from the Yin Fu style. Clearly done.

by Wang Yu Fong
Simplified Chinese Characters Only

171 pages, Softbound
A major text on Great Achievement Boxing or Yi Quan. Pictured on the front is author's teacher Wang XiangZhai. This text covers history, theory, and principles. An oversized book with numerous illustrations.

WU DANG TAI CHI & PAN SHOU 20 METHODS - SC 2080795 Not for Sale
by Pei XiRong

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

188 pages, Softbound. Photographs.
A different version of Tai Chi with Wu Dang background
. Many of the movements are similar to known postures such as Single Whip and Cloud Hands but also Returning Dragon and other, less recognizeable actions. This is followed by a section known as Pan Shou 20 Methods which includes fighting techniques that can also be practiced singly.

MEI HUA BOXING- SC 2110995 Not for Sale
by Yan Zi Jie

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

194 pages, Softbound. Illustrations.
This is one of the few Mei Hua books available. In this system the Mei Hua Zhan or Plum Flower poles are highly emphasized. They are generally arranged in a five-petal fashion. This translates into a system where, as in Western floor exercises of gymnastics, the practitioner relates to the corners and the middle of the floor area. Thus all the forms and basics shown in the book are related to foot patterns exploiting this angles. Nicely illustrated

San Da KICKING- SC 2140750T Not for Sale
by Tong Qing Hui

Simplified Chinese Characters Only

215 pages Softbound. Line drawings.
A clearly illustrated (line drawings) book on San Da's Kicking methods. Long and short moves including knee and heel actions for tight fighting. Some bag training techniques and two person and single stretches. Nice, clear illustrations.

Lao Jia Secrets of Self Defense - SC 2191695C Not for Sale
by Wang Xi An

Simplified Chinese Characters

236 pages, Soft bound, Photographs.
Wang Xi An is considered by some to be one of the major Chen Tai Chi stylists of his generation. One of the political supervisors of the Chen area martial arts, he is influential in the Chinese government's control of Chen village and surroundings. Many applications shown and small but clear photographs including some color photos and historical ones in the frontpiece. This book contains sections on Chen's 10 Great Jings, first and second Roads explained, sport and health.

SHAOLIN TEMPLE Praying Mantis Boxing- SC 2201195 Not for Sale
by Zhang LiuQing &
Shi YenHui
Simplified Chinese Characters

85 pages, Soft bound, Photographs.
A visual presentation of a traditional Shaolin Praying Mantis form. Historical notes are followed by basic and not-so-basic exercises of the Shaolin Boxing. The pictures are unusually large with a minimum of written description.

MIZONG Lost Track Boxing #2 - SC 2211295R Not for Sale
by Li YuChuan et al.

$12.95 Simplified Chinese Characters

227 pages, Soft bound, Photographs.
Mi Zong is one of China's great styles. This SECOND volume concentrates on partner sets. There are three sets, Eight Twists, Close Boxing and 36 Chin Nah Hands.
See our English language books on Lost Track
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Shaolin Suicide Kicks - SC 2230995W Not for Sale
by Wang Xin De

Simplified Chinese Characters

233 pages, Soft bound, illustrations.
This is very similar to the 64 Leg Attacks book we sell in English. Numerous chancy leg actions with the purpose of devastating results. Line drawins are a bit on the small side but quite clear.














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