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Secrets of Bagua Zhang, Volume #3

Superlatives these days, like cliches, are a dime a dozen. Everything is AMAZING!! AWESOME!! ASTONISHING!! ASTOUNDING!! (and that’s only the A’s). So what are we to do if we actually offer something that deserves exclamation marks? Adam Hsu’s Secrets of Bagua Zhang, Volume #3, is just such a product. This 4 disk set, comprising over […]


Plum’s Newest! Bagua Eight Animals Book & DVD

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member of our Plum family: The Eight Animals of Bagua Zhang, by Ted Mancuso. As mentioned in an earlier post, this initial seminar-only project circled ’round to become an expanded book and DVD package. Plum’s particular love for Bagua is not much of a secret; […]


Interview: The Shifting Patterns of Bagua

Q: You’re at the end of your new book on Bagua , just about to send it to the printer; what inspired you to write this book in the first place? A: A lot of people who bought my Bagua DVD asked me to write a book. That’s what we call “a clue,” Spencer. Also, […]


My Bagua Book

Well, it’s finally come to pass: I am finishing writing my book on How To Learn Bagua Zhang.

It’s been an intriguing experience. We have had so many requests for a companion to the DVD that I initially thought I would just write a step-by-step guide, like a sort of show-and-tell: the DVD being the show and the text, the tell.