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Lean Into Wu

One of our most popular books has just returned: Wu Style TaiChiChuan: Forms, Concepts and Application of the Original Style, by Wu Ying-Hua and Ma Yueh-Liang. This book, along with its companion, Wu Style Tui Shou (Push Hands) book by the same author are two contemporary classics in the Tai Chi Library. Both are now […]


Tutorial: Tai Chi Tips, Stepping

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes at Plum, you know how highly we prize basics as the foundation of good movement. ‘Stepping’ in Tai Chi, is one of those fundamentals that you might learn on the first day of class, and which you might be refining well into your advanced practice. We prepared a […]


Book Go Round

Another quick post about a few Chinese books that have temporarily returned; we always say “temporary” because, for the most part, every time we get these in we don’t know if it’s their last time ’round. While there is certainly a growth in the quantity of literature on Kung Fu, a lot of the classics […]


Wang Pei Sheng on Bagua

Well known for his teaching of the Wu style Tai Chi, Wang Pei Sheng demonstrates his take on the Liu De Kuan version of the 64 San Shou Bagua attack combinations. Also some comments on the trigram theory and how it applies. This book in Chinese shows all roads and applications of these techniques.