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Fun Stuff: Bruce’s Older Kung Fu brother

Secrets of Kung Fu—a popular publication, especially during the Seventies—hosted a huge variety of topics. For this issue, we have a drumming platform, a wooden man, a banner dance, an ancient arms dealer, Bruce Lee’s senior classmate, Ancient Chinese rocketry, a 20 year old exponent of Chou style, Kneeling to a Kung Fu teacher, and […]


Evolution of Wing Chun Kicking Techniques

Happy to announce the arrival of an important new text in the Wing Chun canon: The Evolution of Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicking Techniques.  Osmond Lam’s beautiful book not only shows us some of the principles behind Wing Chun’s special and only sporadically known kicking methods, but adds a good portion of background technique on […]


How to Work the Dummy

It’s solid teak, something that your hand will not let you forget if it happens to meet the wooden body straight on. This reminds us that the first requirement in working with a dummy is that we not injure ourselves so badly that we have no choice but to stop working with the dummy. Also, […]