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Some Long-Awaited Restocks

It’s been a few months since we have been fully stocked on our “En Face Books” (the books in this series have English text ‘facing’ Chinese text). They are among our customer favorites, because they have so much to offer: A book and accompanying VCD showing complete routines in both Chinese and English. What more […]


A Couple of Old Friends (that is, Books) Return

Is it silly to get worked up over the return of books? If so, then color me silly, because I actually get excited when certain titles come back to Plum, in this case, two that have been difficult to restock for awhile: Chi Family TongBei and Chuo Jiao. In both cases, we were only able […]


Borrowed Energy

Now here’s the paradox: every night when I come home my cat, Carthage, who has been listening at the door, plops herself down in the middle of the rug, and wants to play. Other than the essential petting the idea of play takes the form of sparring.