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New Sha Style DVDs

In between our filming and editing of our new Bagua Zhang book/DVD project, we have also been doing some cataloguing of material we have neglected. Two of these DVDs are from Sha GuoZheng style, on Liu He Tong Bei Roads 1 and 2. From our experience, Sha’s work is always an interesting and, at times, […]


Iron Palm, Through the Back, To the Mind

We’ve been so busy that we’ve neglected the great stack of Chinese books we are slowly adding to our collection. Even though in modern format, many of these books detail early styles and histories of this ancient art. Today’s entries include a book and DVD combination on ShanXi Tong Bei (through-the-back) boxing, a truly long-arm […]


Some Long-Awaited Restocks

It’s been a few months since we have been fully stocked on our “En Face Books” (the books in this series have English text ‘facing’ Chinese text). They are among our customer favorites, because they have so much to offer: A book and accompanying VCD showing complete routines in both Chinese and English. What more […]


Traditional Kung Fu Trio: Through the Back Boxing, Whip and Sword

Whirling like a windmill then zipping past as straight as a sparrow hawk, Tong Bei style Kung Fu is as distinctive as a green fire engine. The very name of the style, Through the Back Boxing gives a big clue manifested as whipping, circling and hooking arms. This is set off against TBQ’s tight, straight […]


Through the Back and Into the World

Later this week we’re going to add the first Tong Bei book and DVD set in English, authored by expert Jack Yan. Here’s some background information to familiarize you with the style. For some unknown reason, certain martial styles appear to capture a sudden, wider range of interest. In the case of Tong Bei, the […]


Some Favorite Styles…

Sometimes readers ask me for suggestions without specifying any certain style. They leave that open. In essence, their exacting and sometimes highly technical queries often boil down to ”what styles do you like?” Of course the real answer is “a lot of them” since I am a lover of Chinese martial arts. Strangely enough, many […]


Merry Restock!

Restocking those hard to find books is like a holiday around here: the boxes come, all wrapped up nicely, and we tear into them, with little regard for the wrappings and the stuffings, tossing that all to the side until…oh boy! Ma Hong again! Chen Style Pao Chui–JUST what I was hoping for! Chuo Jiao…how […]