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Yes, The Saber!

Another great weapons book, Black Tiger Claw Single Saber, from the prolific Paul Koh, this one on Tiger Claw’s Single saber. One of the many things we appreciate about Sifu Koh’s books is his emphasis on foundation as well as form and usage. A reader can easily learn and apply much from this text, even […]


Tiger Claw’s Long Pole

Yet another excellent book from prolific writer and instructor Paul Koh, this one on the Tiger Claw Long Staff. Each of Sifu Koh’s books offer a step in the evolution and development of the Tiger Claw style he learned from Sifu Tak Wah Eng. Both have contributed a great deal to the modernizing and creation […]


New Books!

We’re starting up the engines again, and digging into the ever-growing pile of new material coming to Plum. We’re excited about these first three:                 Sifu Paul Koh once again brings us a comprehensive book on Tiger Claw’s Eight Diagram Fighting Set. This new text, literally, takes it to […]


Ten Essential Techniques of the Tiger

Continuing our Summer of the Stars lineup of new material, we are happy to announce the arrival of a major book in the Fu Jow Pai system, Sifu Paul Koh’s Ten Essential Techniques of the Tiger. Sifu Koh, along with his teacher Sifu Tak Wah Eng, has set himself the difficult task of preserving the […]