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The Return of Spring and Mantis

Here’s some good news: We have a couple of short stacks of Sifu Paul Eng’s classic books on Praying Mantis back in stock. These two volumes, Mantis Steals the Peach, and Single Thrust Blossom, have been gone since 2020, and we are hoping to bring back the rest of the series, but for now, these […]


A Mighty Book: 300 Years of Praying Mantis Boxing History

Once upon a time, we were fortunate to represent an exceptional book: “A Discourse on the History of the Praying Mantis Boxing for the Last One Hundred Years,” written by Huang HanChao. Sadly, it sold out, with demand seriously exceeding supply. But wait! Never say “Never” at Plum.  We have just received a gorgeous new […]


Two Paths, One Road

Praying Mantis Fist (TangLang Quan) is a famous style with a distinctive hand position known as a “Hook.” Although I shouldn’t write “a distinctive,” when, actually, this famous style has TWO versions of the key hand style, each to represent the same special hook shape for the hand. The first and most iconic version starts […]