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A Little Bit of Hakka Boxing, A Few More Restocks

Hakka Unicorn Boxing DVD by Tyler R. Rea Hakka Boxing style Kei Lun Kune (Unicorn Boxing) is a famous form not only in Chinese Kung Fu, but also in boxing styles from other countries, such as Malaysia. This DVD offers a rare presentation of this form, aided by some innovative breakdowns and demonstrations. Every action […]


Mantis Exits the Cave: Sifu Paul Eng’s Last Book: NOW available

Sifu Paul Eng died almost one year ago. He left behind thousands of students; an ongoing school in California; loved ones; a reputation for kindness; memories of his skill and patience as a martial artist and teacher; and a short list of books and a DVD that he had published, the most notable being 5 […]


Introducing Sifu Porf Jou

On our last trip to Taiwan, Sifu Adam Hsu introduced us to Sifu Porf Jou, martial arts teacher. We had long been interested in him, since we saw both teachers sharing some pages on YouTube. Now we are happy to announce that we are adding Sifu Jou to our list of top teachers. Like George […]


The Bowman and the Tiger: excerpt

The following story is told in China: A hunter in ancient times was out on a moonlit night when he saw a tiger seated some ten meters away. Frightened, he tensed his bow and with all his intent he let loose his arrow, because if he did not kill the tiger fast, the tiger would […]


Stamp Your Feet for Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan)

As mentioned, we have a lot going on at Plum right now, and here is just the newest in our list of great events: the FIRST book in english on Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan.) Not only that, but it comesĀ  from the renowned teacher, Su Yu Chang, whose lineage through GM Liu Yun Chiao adds to […]


Book: Praying Mantis Locking Hand

Here is another book rescued from the past. This Koinonia Publications volume is The Locking Hand form of the Seven Star Mantis system. It is one of the few Koinonia books not written by Leo Fong, rather by Jose P. Chua. This one is a very early English language book on Mantis and consists almost […]