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The Return of Spring and Mantis

Here’s some good news: We have a couple of short stacks of Sifu Paul Eng’s classic books on Praying Mantis back in stock. These two volumes, Mantis Steals the Peach, and Single Thrust Blossom, have been gone since 2020, and we are hoping to bring back the rest of the series, but for now, these […]


Six Harmony Praying Mantis (Liu He Tang Lang)

Several months ago, Plum published Sifu Adam Hsu’s significant book, “Life Is Too Short For Bad Kung Fu,” in which he outlined some crucial methods to save traditional Wushu from extinction. He might have had Sifu Tsai Yong Huang’s new DVD on Liu He Tang Lang (Six Harmony Praying Mantis) in mind when he reiterated […]


LiuHe Tanglang: The Short Strike Form

We’ve added a new DVD to our collection: LiuHe Duan Chui, the second installment from Teacher Jian Gao, exhibiting one of the rarer styles of Praying Mantis—Six Harmony Praying Mantis—or what some might call a mantis variation of Liu He Quan (Six Harmonies Boxing). This style incorporates key points from many others, such as Monkey, […]