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Why Practice the Tai Chi Sword?

If you are learning the art of TC sword, or even just want to appreciate the style, you have picked one of the great martial arts weapons. This double-bladed instrument — whether wooden practice or combat steel — is unlike any other in the Tai Chi arsenal. It encourages direct concentration aligned with movement — […]


Li Deyin & 100 years of Taijiquan

Li Deyin shows his TaijiquanOne of the largest and most complete books on Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) to come out of mainland. Many teachers promote the “official” version of Taijiquan, but few with the consistent quality of Li DeYin. His movements are polished and clear. This book makes a distinction between personal practice […]


In Moonlight

Imagine a wheat field of steel stalks, swaying and flashing in the sunlight. That’s what you would have if you brought all the straight sword players daily to the same park for an hour. This is because there are millions of Kung Fu players alive today who practice the straight sword and find it endlessly […]