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The Road to Tan Tui (Redux)

A long while back, we created and posted a free series of video tutorials on the famous 12 Road Tan Tui; the series is made up of 14 videos which include step-by-step instruction PLUS applications for each road.  For years, this has been popular on our site, but when we recently reviewed it we were […]


Tan Tui 3 Patterns

This new DVD by Sifu Adam Hsu takes a version of Tan Tui and shows three important ways of practicing, giving a new life to an old form. (Actually it could just as easily be performed with your particular version of Tan Tui; or any Chinese martial arts form for that matter.) This presentation discusses […]


The Other Side of Tradition

On the “Three Steps of Tan Tui” DVD When your tradition is so tight you can’t breathe, then it doesn’t matter how good it looks. There is a lot of tradition in the art of Kung Fu. Three thousand years of tightening tends to cause some gasping. Other big problems with tradition can make you […]


Spring Leg into the New Year

We may be crazy but we love the Tan Tui form. Sifu Jason Tsou and Arthur Schonfeld, the creators of the Jian Shu sword fighting text, have returned with a complete 10 Road Tan Tui package that includes the form from the Han Ching Tan to Adam Hsu lineage along with a DVD and some […]