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6 Harmony Mantis DVD Back In Stock

Yeah! These exceptional Liu He Tang Lang DVDs have returned. All placed orders will ship by Monday, and we are able to accept and ship new orders. Click image to be taken to more information, and to order; if you see a notice that they are out of stock, pay no attention. It just takes […]


LiuHe Tanglang: The Short Strike Form

We’ve added a new DVD to our collection: LiuHe Duan Chui, the second installment from Teacher Jian Gao, exhibiting one of the rarer styles of Praying Mantis—Six Harmony Praying Mantis—or what some might call a mantis variation of Liu He Quan (Six Harmonies Boxing). This style incorporates key points from many others, such as Monkey, […]


Three Long Arm Styles: BGZ, MZY and LHTL

As the legend goes, one of the authors in our three new offerings is the only person to have come out on top when sparring with the famous Taiwanese instructor, Liu Yun Chiao. Do you know which one? First, we add a rare addition to the legacy of Praying Mantis texts by Zhang Xiang San […]


Six Harmony Praying Mantis: That Was Then, This Is Now

THEN: Several years ago, Plum contacted Sifu Jian Gao, disciple of grandmaster Ma Han Qing, to represent his excellent DVD on Liu He Tang Lang. There is not very much information on this system (as those who practice it can attest). So we were happy to be able to add to our collection. Only one […]