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Adam Hsu Linking Form in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California Start the summer off with this new/traditional Kung Fu Linking Form. PLUM is sponsoring a 6 class seminar at our sister school, the Academy of Martial & Internal Arts. You’ll learn the first Linking Form created by world-famous instructor Adam Hsu. He developed this Kung Fu form almost 50 years ago, and […]


Martial Qigong: Just What the Sifu Ordered

An announcement from our school in Santa Cruz, CA. If you are in the area and would like to attend, we would LOVE to see you! Qigong is gaining in popularity, especially with martial enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, martial practitioners are often in the vanguard when exploring this ancient study. Unfortunately Qigong, randomly […]


Lions and Monkeys and Bears, Oh My!

Just a reminder for those of you near to Santa Cruz: Next Sunday, Feb 24, Plum offers the second of our workshops on Bagua’s Eight Animals. The 4 hour seminar introduces both the basics of Bagua Zhang, plus teaches a fundamental form, The Eight Animals, with additional discussions on Bagua Qigong. And to top it […]