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The Simple Art of Breathing

This simple method of breathing works well for people practicing Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine, meditation and what is commonly referred to as Qigong (Chi Kung). We call it simple, but it is also profound; as it relates the physical act of inhalation and exhalation with the mind’s intent, keeping a special focus on a […]


Stand By for Wujishi

UPDATE: It’s alive! Click HERE for book Within the next two weeks, Plum will once again have the book  Wujishi Breathing Exercises  back in stock. The original Hong Kong publisher let it go out of print. But we knew that this text was too important to lose, so Plum bought the copyright, re-scanned and re-set […]


Wujishi Book, Back in Stock

Good news! You can stop holding your breath (literally): the slow boat has finally arrived and our beloved Wujishi book is back in stock. This is one of those quiet classics that could easily find its place on the shelves of any good martial arts or qigong library. Click image to go to ordering page.