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Six Harmony Praying Mantis: That Was Then, This Is Now

THEN: Several years ago, Plum contacted Sifu Jian Gao, disciple of grandmaster Ma Han Qing, to represent his excellent DVD on Liu He Tang Lang. There is not very much information on this system (as those who practice it can attest). So we were happy to be able to add to our collection. Only one […]


Mantis Exits the Cave: Sifu Paul Eng’s Last Book: NOW available

Sifu Paul Eng died almost one year ago. He left behind thousands of students; an ongoing school in California; loved ones; a reputation for kindness; memories of his skill and patience as a martial artist and teacher; and a short list of books and a DVD that he had published, the most notable being 5 […]


Book: Praying Mantis Locking Hand

Here is another book rescued from the past. This Koinonia Publications volume is The Locking Hand form of the Seven Star Mantis system. It is one of the few Koinonia books not written by Leo Fong, rather by Jose P. Chua. This one is a very early English language book on Mantis and consists almost […]