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The Return of Spring and Mantis

Here’s some good news: We have a couple of short stacks of Sifu Paul Eng’s classic books on Praying Mantis back in stock. These two volumes, Mantis Steals the Peach, and Single Thrust Blossom, have been gone since 2020, and we are hoping to bring back the rest of the series, but for now, these […]


Paul Koh Interview Part 3: Present and Future Approaches to Kung Fu

This is the third in a four-part interview with Sifu Paul Koh, who has just released a series of beautifully designed books on traditional forms.  Sifu Koh was gracious enough to grant Plum an interview, which turned out to exceed our expectations in terms of length and depth. Since the interview is lengthy, we decided […]


Paul Koh Interview Part 2: On Masters and More

This is Part 2 of a 4 part interview with Sifu Paul Koh, who has recently published a series of beautifully designed books on traditional forms. Although we know Sifu Koh to be a thoughtful teacher and good writer, we were delighted by the unexpected depth and breadth he applied when addressing our questions. Since […]


Southern Kung Fu Makes An Entrance

              Fu Jow Pai Sifu Paul Koh has just released 4 new titles, and we are excited! These new books are beautifully done, and add English language instruction to the Southern Kung Fu canon, which is always in need of traditional material. The books, all found HERE, cover Tiger […]


Interview with ‘Fu Jow Pai’ Sifu Paul Koh, Pt. 1

When we learned that Sifu Paul Koh was setting off on a new publishing venture, to bring out a series of beautifully designed books on traditional forms, we asked if we might interview him, to expose a few more of our Plum followers to his Tiger Claw system. Although we know Sifu Koh to be […]


Look Who’s Back!

Just a quick note to let you know that three books have returned to Plum. The first two–Paul Eng’s Kung Fu Basics, and Brian Kennedy’s Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals–can be found in our wildly popular (and ever-changing) “hurt books” section, where you can pick up some real gems in near new condition for whopping […]


Mantis Exits the Cave: Sifu Paul Eng’s Last Book: NOW available

Sifu Paul Eng died almost one year ago. He left behind thousands of students; an ongoing school in California; loved ones; a reputation for kindness; memories of his skill and patience as a martial artist and teacher; and a short list of books and a DVD that he had published, the most notable being 5 […]


Paul Eng’s Mantis Exits the Cave

You might ask, “What do you mean by ‘Paul Eng’s Mantis Exits the Cave’? He never published a book or video on that subject.” And you would be correct: Sifu Eng never did publish a sixth volume in his famous and important series of foundational books on the Mantis system. But he did write one, […]


Excerpt: Don’t Compare Yourself…

It’s difficult to find realy good books on the basics of Kung Fu…