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Taiwan’s Kung Fu Heart

Few “elders” in the art of Kung Fu give as much to their performance as Porf Jou (Jou Po Fu). We are definitely not talking about a sanitized, overly controlled performance, but one with a little grit and a large dose of character. We ADD three new offerings to Plum From Sifu Jou, each bearing […]


George Xu Declares His System

In his typical forthright manner, George Xu has declared his own system of martial arts: “Ling Kong Shen Shi Men” (also the name of his new DVD set). The description of this concept is a little too sophisticated to try and squeeze into this post, but suffice it to say that this is a step […]


Martial Qigong: Just What the Sifu Ordered

An announcement from our school in Santa Cruz, CA. If you are in the area and would like to attend, we would LOVE to see you! Qigong is gaining in popularity, especially with martial enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, martial practitioners are often in the vanguard when exploring this ancient study. Unfortunately Qigong, randomly […]