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Why the Saber?

Ted Mancuso’s next book for Plum, adds the third to his four-book sequence on Kung Fu’s primary weapons. Saber can explode your understanding of the more advanced weapons. A firm grounding in the “4-S” (spear, sword, staff and saber) actually helps in your empty hand practice. Even more than some of his earlier books, Ted […]


Our NEW Kung Fu Spear Book & Dvd Training Manual

Why is it sometimes less difficult to write a book than to write the post announcing the publication of that book? Well, for one thing, we spend years gaining the information and experience to put together a volume on—let’s say—the Kung Fu Spear. But we don’t (hopefully) spend even a fraction of that time putting […]


A Fine Martial Hand

A few weeks ago, we were in San Francisco and stopped at one of our favorite shops, Brendan Lai Supply Co. Brendan, sadly, has been gone for several years, but the shop continues to operate under the experienced and expert guidance of his wife, Esther, and son, Al. A single post does not offer the […]


Bagua, Xing Yi and Tong Bei added

We have just started to list this great new series of books, all with both Chinese and English texts; not to mention that each also comes with an accompanying VCD. The first two from this beautifully illustrated color series is a White Ape Tong Bei (TBQ is getting all sorts of attention right now) and […]