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From Chen to Cheng

Two quick announcements: Long time student, teacher and enthusiast,  Nigel Sutton, has just published a very interesting book particularly if you are interested in the Cheng Man Ching style of Taiji. Though Cheng’s reputation has attracted its detractors in recent years, no one can deny the effect of his teachings in the United States, other […]


Following the Seven Stars

Well, yes, Seven Star Mantis. Some people find it the original and most representative branch of the style. Some see it as foundational training to initiate  further Mantis growth. For some unknown reasons we did not, till today, list the entire series of DVDs made by Jon Funk, Canadian Mantis practitioner and student of Al […]


Glance: Four-Star Bagua Book/DVD

When we have a moment we record these mini-video reviews to give you an inside look at the new arrivals and products on display. Browse for a minute. It’s like taking a book off the shelf…     Reviews: Sun Zhi Jun’s You Shen (Swimming Body) Bagua Zhang Book/DVD    


A National Treasure: Sun Zhi Jun

It has been the most exciting summer in the history of this company. We have found and rescued and re-issued more texts and DVDs than ever before. People are writing to us every day and mentioning a teacher they had no chance to see, or a form they had been tracking down and finally located […]