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Grand Master Johnny Lee and My Jhong Law Horn (Mizong Lohan)

Sifu Doug Opbroek, author of the recent book, “Footsteps of the Masters: Following in the Path of My Jhong Law Horn,” sent us this nice article about his teacher, GM Johnny Lee, just published in a local Shreveport, LA newsmagazine. Sifu Opbroek’s book records the cultural context, folklore and oral tradition of the kung fu […]


My Jhong Law Horn: Douglas Opbroek’s New Book on a Different Branch of Mizong

A little while back, we received a new book to review, accompanied by a nice note from Sifu Douglas Opbroek, which read in part: “…As I have scrolled through your site and others over the years, I have yet to find a book or video on the combined system of the Yip family of Mizong […]


Plum December Sale Catalogue

We thought we would try something different this year, and pick out some of our favorite books and DVDs—a few older, many more recent—to highlight for a December sale. Plum carries over 3000 books, VCDs and DVDs, so choosing among them is not easy, but we at least made sure we have enough copies to […]


From Taiwan: An Old Frame and a Lost Track

There are a lot of well meaning martial practitioners out there that have probably never posed in front of a camera. They make honest, traditional and studied demonstrations of each particular style. Despite the special qualities of the style, the survey of their forms may be tepid and self-conscious. No disrespect to them, they did […]