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Tan Tui 3 Patterns

This new DVD by Sifu Adam Hsu takes a version of Tan Tui and shows three important ways of practicing, giving a new life to an old form. (Actually it could just as easily be performed with your particular version of Tan Tui; or any Chinese martial arts form for that matter.) This presentation discusses […]


XingYi Quan – The Five Elements: Shifu Adam Hsu

Admittedly, the prospect of sitting down to three DVDs about Hebei XingYi Quan is intimidating at best. Yet, almost immediately, you are taken into a story of practice, of history and, most importantly, Shifu Hsu’s absolute command of his topic. His enthusiasm and dedication become contagious even through the subtitles. And always there is his […]


Martial Talk: Jason Tsou and Arthur Schonfeld

We’re just leaving LA right now (Debbie had a reunion with all the fine people who shared her lawn back in high school) and had time to hook up with Jason Tsou and Arthur Schonfeld. After being treated to a great lunch we went to Arthur’s house and talked martial arts for hours.