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New Bak Sil Lum (Bei Shaolin) DVDs

Bak Sil Lum (or Bak Siu Lim) is the Cantonese pronunciation of Bei Shaolin, or Northern Shaolin style. It is recognized by experts as an extension of the real Shaolin Heritage. Its most famous exponent was Gu Ru Zhang, known as a master of Iron Palm (striking arts) and Golden Bell (body conditioning arts). In […]


Review: Essence of Lien Bu Chuan

We want to congratulate Artie Aviles, James Man Chin and Nelson Tsou on two excellent reviews they have received for their book “The Essence of Lien Bu Chuan.” We are especially grateful to both Nick Scrima at The Journal of Chinese Martial Arts, and Nancy Fiano, from the Xinyi Dao Academy and the World Fighting […]


Two Very Different Books in English

These two different books show a pair of positive paths for martial arts: Warrior Guards the Mountain, and Lien Bu Chuan. On the one side, the technical aspects and descriptions have matured to a degree where, in Lien Bu Chuan, they really convey a lot of instructional fine points. On the other hand are books […]