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Two Great New Books

We’re working through a tall pile of new Chinese books, and here are the first two: Chen YiMing‘s Chen Family Martial Arts Experience takes a geometric look at fighting stances and approaches. We’ve seen a few books over the years that include some aspects of this, but this all-color text is dedicated, start to finish, […]


Traditional Kung Fu Trio: Through the Back Boxing, Whip and Sword

Whirling like a windmill then zipping past as straight as a sparrow hawk, Tong Bei style Kung Fu is as distinctive as a green fire engine. The very name of the style, Through the Back Boxing gives a big clue manifested as whipping, circling and hooking arms. This is set off against TBQ’s tight, straight […]


Staff: Kung Fu Weapon of Skill…Our new Book/DVD package is here!

Despite last week’s hiccup, we are very proud to announce the arrival of Plum’s newest publication, “Staff: Kung Fu Weapon of Skill.” Sometimes I think the most difficult part of every project is the one I am engaged in right at this minute: writing the announcement post about the project. We don’t like to brag […]


The Kung Fu Staff

This is all you get to see of Plum’s newest book and DVD arriving (next?) Thursday. You have heard us say before that every book and dvd we produce at Plum is a labor of love; the word “labor” is particularly pertinent to this set, in that it took us much longer than we had […]