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How to Make Friends With 60:40 Stance

We have been practicing and discussing how to make friends with 60:40 stance in our recent community classes. This is where 60% of the weight is on the back leg, and 40% is on the front leg. Often the most uncomfortable or difficult to understand stance, where many students are just bearing it until they […]


Stand Up, Hollow and Round. Now try to fight.

There are rules and there are rules. When practicing the martial arts, people often find the rules and principles easy to understand and next to impossible to manifest. In some senses these are no harder than the basics we learned in kindergarten: put things back where you found them, don’t steal the other kid’s lunch […]


What is jibengong? What would be a good DVD for some examples?

Dear Ted, Recently in the online community RumSoaked Fist, Dr. Kenneth Fish has expressed a lament in the lack of jibengong being taught to new students. Dr. Fish then goes on to elaborate that there needs to be more leg lifts, goblet and pistol squats, crescent kicks and so forth for any martial arts foundation. […]