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Plum December Sale Catalogue

We thought we would try something different this year, and pick out some of our favorite books and DVDs—a few older, many more recent—to highlight for a December sale. Plum carries over 3000 books, VCDs and DVDs, so choosing among them is not easy, but we at least made sure we have enough copies to […]


A Wire of Iron

What a year the monkey has been! Now, we have so much good stuff coming in we can act like the Rooster Year is already here, and can start to crow a bit. In the next couple of months, we’re looking forward to adding more and more top quality books and DVDs, often in English.  […]


Expand Yourself

Just in the final stages of the book I’m writing on Kung Fu Saber. I had an insight about why I’m fascinated by weapon’s work. Below is a rounding out of some of these thoughts. I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a slightly different idea about the relation of weapons play to martial […]


Why the Saber?

Ted Mancuso’s next book for Plum, adds the third to his four-book sequence on Kung Fu’s primary weapons. Saber can explode your understanding of the more advanced weapons. A firm grounding in the “4-S” (spear, sword, staff and saber) actually helps in your empty hand practice. Even more than some of his earlier books, Ted […]