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Four Things Hard to Believe

At the start of your training, if you’d asked: “What do I need to be a good martial artist?” you might have gotten a list which included strength, endurance, patience, humility, Ben-Gay, and a good pair of shoes. What would probably have been missing is the word “faith.” But anyone who’s done any kind of long-term […]


Training and Training: Practice with Adam Hsu

There’s training and then there’s training. In Kung Fu there is a kind of training that so challenges the way of thinking AND the body that people successfully ignore it for years and even decades. So begins Shifu Mancuso’s newest article, printed on our sister site, adamhsukungfu.com. Click the picture to continue reading. We are […]


Adam Hsu Speaks Up

From a lifetime of teaching and writing about Martial arts, internationally known Adam Hsu has compiled many of his thoughts in this three+ hour discussion. Billed as a “debate” it would be more fitting to call this “debate points” like what you might rehearse with your own hometown debate team. His approach challenges many ideas […]