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Excerpt from Falk’s Chinese Martial Arts Dictionary

In our excitement over the arrival of Andrea Falk’s Chinese Martial Arts dictionary, we neglected to post this generous sample from the text. These pages show, among other things, the thorough approach Ms Falk has taken in putting together this important resource. Order through September 30 to get a 10% discount on either the compact […]


Li Tianji’s Xing Yi Legacy; Andrea Falk’s Dictionary

Plum is adding another text by Andrea Falk, a translation of significance to Xing Yi practitioners: Li TianJi’s The Skills of XingYiQuan;  311 pages, with hundreds of illustrations. This is a thorough text on the style handed down to Li Tianji from his father, Li Yulin. It’s very well laid out with sections covering basic […]


You Could Look It Up!

One of our favorite martial references has returned to Plum: a bilingual Wushu Dictionary containing hundreds of entries in Chinese (both pinyin and simplified characters) as well as English. But this dictionary offers even more: it is profusely illustrated, with pictures of the techniques, for example, that it is referencing. It is well-organized into 12 […]