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Vince Black on Li Zi Ming’s Bagua Zhang

One of our favorite items at Plum is the Pa Kua Chang Journal CD, containing the entire 38-issue run of more than 1,000 pages. The original journal, published by Dan Miller, is a treasure for the martial and Bagua community. In many cases entire issues are devoted to a single topic, and contain interviews with […]


Pakua Journal excerpt: Too Many Teachers?

It came out twenty years ago and is still a minor miracle in the publishing of Bagua material. I remeber being surprised and delighted that just down the road from where I lived someone, Dan Miller, was producing a journal devoted entirely to Bagua with great photos, in-depth information, little politics and excellent translations and […]


What is jibengong? What would be a good DVD for some examples?

Dear Ted, Recently in the online community RumSoaked Fist, Dr. Kenneth Fish has expressed a lament in the lack of jibengong being taught to new students. Dr. Fish then goes on to elaborate that there needs to be more leg lifts, goblet and pistol squats, crescent kicks and so forth for any martial arts foundation. […]