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Master Cai Haikang’s Leg Techniques of Bagua Zhang

Quick announcement: For those awaiting the return of Master Cai Haikang’s Leg Techniques of Bagua Zhang, it is back! And, at this time, we appear to have the last copies available; the publisher is trying to decide whether or not to reprint, so the stack at Plum is limited. More good stuff coming soon (hint: […]


Rare Hao Style, Hong Style, and Bagua Leg Techniques—Available Now!

Delighted to announce the addition of five strong books into the Plum library. These gems from Hong Kong, all with boh Chinese and English text, are beautifully designed and laid out with large, easy to read photos, on subjects we just never see in English. KH020 Hao Style Tai Ji Quan Developed by Master Liu […]


Jiang Rongqiao’s Bagua Zhang—Now in English AND Chinese

Andrea Falk is doing wonderful translations. Actually, she has been doing wonderful translations for a long time, but now she is going back, revising and improving on some of her earlier works to make them even better. We are still awaiting the massive expansion and rewrite of her earlier Wushu dictionary (this one promises to […]


Come To The Party

Right before the end of the year, we welcome back a few old friends, Chinese Kung Fu books that are always welcome at Plum. We’ve got a lot of new material coming, too, in the next little while, so keep an eye on this spot. (Click each book to get more info, and to purchase). […]


Two Bagua Classics in new translation

Dedicated Bagua teacher, Andrea Falk, offers up her translation of Jiang RongQiao’s Bagua Zhang Eight Palms form AND Yan Dehua’s Bagua Applications. Not only are these clear, accessible  translations, but the Jiang text has additional posture photos from teacher Cai YuHua.  Falk herself learned the Jiang style from sifu Huan Dahai, an apprentice of Jiang’s. […]


My Bagua Book

Well, it’s finally come to pass: I am finishing writing my book on How To Learn Bagua Zhang.

It’s been an intriguing experience. We have had so many requests for a companion to the DVD that I initially thought I would just write a step-by-step guide, like a sort of show-and-tell: the DVD being the show and the text, the tell.