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Paul Koh Interview Part 3: Present and Future Approaches to Kung Fu

This is the third in a four-part interview with Sifu Paul Koh, who has just released a series of beautifully designed books on traditional forms.  Sifu Koh was gracious enough to grant Plum an interview, which turned out to exceed our expectations in terms of length and depth. Since the interview is lengthy, we decided […]


Paul Koh Interview Part 2: On Masters and More

This is Part 2 of a 4 part interview with Sifu Paul Koh, who has recently published a series of beautifully designed books on traditional forms. Although we know Sifu Koh to be a thoughtful teacher and good writer, we were delighted by the unexpected depth and breadth he applied when addressing our questions. Since […]


Southern Kung Fu Makes An Entrance

              Fu Jow Pai Sifu Paul Koh has just released 4 new titles, and we are excited! These new books are beautifully done, and add English language instruction to the Southern Kung Fu canon, which is always in need of traditional material. The books, all found HERE, cover Tiger […]


Interview with ‘Fu Jow Pai’ Sifu Paul Koh, Pt. 1

When we learned that Sifu Paul Koh was setting off on a new publishing venture, to bring out a series of beautifully designed books on traditional forms, we asked if we might interview him, to expose a few more of our Plum followers to his Tiger Claw system. Although we know Sifu Koh to be […]


An Interview with Hung Gar’s Sifu Donald Hamby

Here is a wonderful interview conducted by Sifu Pavel Macek, with our friend, Hung Gar Sifu Donald Hamby. Sifu Hamby talks about his roots and the LA Kung Fu scene back when he started in the 1970’s, and some of the qualities and applications of Hung Gar (with a short demo showing usage, at the […]


The Cinematic World of Hong Kong: The Heritage of Hung Gar

Sometimes a book comes along dealing with a topic in which you thought you had little interest. Then you open it and—wow!—it reciprocates to open up a world for you. Lingnan Hung Kuen: Kung Fu in Cinema and Community is one of those books. It looked like a nice gift item. But once we got […]


Iron Wire Fist Book Has Arrived

Finally. At last. The wait is over. Lam Chun Fai’s Iron Wire Fist book/DVD, Tid Sin Kuen, has JUST arrived. The 240 page book is bound in a heavy, textured paper wrapped cover, with both black-and-white and color interior pages. It also contains a bonus 9 minute DVD of Sifu Lam performing key movements from […]


The Hakka Testimonial

300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu is definitely a gift book for a martial collector/scholar. Last year Hong Kong, after having erected a statue of Bruce Lee, sponsored an exhibition of 300 years of Hakka Kung Fu. This was a good decision because the cluster of Kung Fu styles that make up the constellation of […]


A Wire of Iron

What a year the monkey has been! Now, we have so much good stuff coming in we can act like the Rooster Year is already here, and can start to crow a bit. In the next couple of months, we’re looking forward to adding more and more top quality books and DVDs, often in English.  […]


Some Animals…

…are so powerful that they can disappear at will. Case in point…Sifu Wing Lam’s book on Hung Gar’s Hasayfu Five Animals leapt right off our site at some point, and we didn’t even notice…it was there, it was gone! A Five Animal conspiracy? Anyway, we have recaptured the gang and the book is back where […]


The Second Special Lam Family Hung Kuen Book is Here!

Not to be missed if you are a Hung or related practitioner or you want to see a good example of “how Kung Fu ought to be” presented.


Hung Kuen book is back

The thing about the post office—and not just the USPS but international ones too—is that they are full of mystery when it comes to delivery times. And sometimes that even works in all of our favor! We just got fresh copies of Hung Kuen, back in stock from Hong Kong. The last order took 4 […]


Hung Kuen Fundamentals is in the house!

Finally the wait is over. The Hung Kuen Fundamentals books have just landed and we will be contacting those waiting this evening, and sending them out! If you have not yet ordered and want to get in on the pre-order price, you have until midnight tuesday evening (9/24) to place your order! Thanks for your […]


Preserving Hung Kuen

Just a little more about the Hung Kuen Fundamentals Special Edition that should arrive in a couple of weeks. We’re proud to offer this beutiful copy from a major style such as Hung Jia. The article is interesting and shows one face of the “vanishing rainforest” that we call traditional martial arts. There is also […]


A Major Event for the Hung Style

The Lam family is justly famous for its stewardship of the largest branch of the famous Southern style, Hung Kuen. For the first time in over 60 years, they have issued a comprehensive training manual on their system, including the keystone form of the system, Gung Gee Fook Fu, along with special materials on usage, […]