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Five of Five: New Books

We welcome five new texts, three of them in both Chinese and English. Among the lot we have a nicely done 5 Animals routine. We also have something very unusual: a duet set where spear battles…another spear. Do not try this at home. Happy New Year to all of you from all of us—Ted, Linda […]


Some Favorite Styles…

Sometimes readers ask me for suggestions without specifying any certain style. They leave that open. In essence, their exacting and sometimes highly technical queries often boil down to ”what styles do you like?” Of course the real answer is “a lot of them” since I am a lover of Chinese martial arts. Strangely enough, many […]


Two more “Facing” Books

We add two more entries in our “en face” collection. This is one of the most popular series, especially for learning one of its representative forms. After all, you get the text in Chinese AND in English, and then a self-contained VCD (in Chinese, with English subtitles) to watch the performance and check your own. […]