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The Cinematic World of Hong Kong: The Heritage of Hung Gar

Sometimes a book comes along dealing with a topic in which you thought you had little interest. Then you open it and—wow!—it reciprocates to open up a world for you. Lingnan Hung Kuen: Kung Fu in Cinema and Community is one of those books. It looked like a nice gift item. But once we got […]


Meeting C. S. Tang

Those even slightly familiar with our site,  might note the name C. S. Tang. Sifu Tang is a familiar figure in Chinese martial arts (CMA) and also the co-author with Liu Jing Ru, of a popular Bagua Zhang book, “Dragon Stretches its Claws”. We went by his school and were warmly greeted by Sifu Tang. […]


Preserving Hung Kuen

Just a little more about the Hung Kuen Fundamentals Special Edition that should arrive in a couple of weeks. We’re proud to offer this beutiful copy from a major style such as Hung Jia. The article is interesting and shows one face of the “vanishing rainforest” that we call traditional martial arts. There is also […]