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George Xu Declares His System

In his typical forthright manner, George Xu has declared his own system of martial arts: “Ling Kong Shen Shi Men” (also the name of his new DVD set). The description of this concept is a little too sophisticated to try and squeeze into this post, but suffice it to say that this is a step […]


My Bagua Book

Well, it’s finally come to pass: I am finishing writing my book on How To Learn Bagua Zhang.

It’s been an intriguing experience. We have had so many requests for a companion to the DVD that I initially thought I would just write a step-by-step guide, like a sort of show-and-tell: the DVD being the show and the text, the tell.


QA: Jiang Style Bagua Palms

Hi there., I recently bought the DVD,  Bagua: Art of Change from you and am most happy with the quality of instructions.  I understand it is Jiang Baguazhang covered in the DVD.  I am wondering if there might a set of static arm postures (whilst walking the circle) associated with Jiang Baguazhang.