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Who Doesn’t Love a Price Drop?

Prices are going up EVERYwhere. It is undeniable. So the chance to announce a price reduction brings us real pleasure, and when it is attached to a fine series of products, that makes it all the better. Sifu Donald Hamby has dropped the prices on all of his Hung Gar DVDs to $29.95 each, which […]


Sifu Hamby’s 4th Gathering: Expertise & Camaraderie, Side by Side

Once again, Sifu Don Hamby has indeed “gathered the masters” in the 4th exhibition of long-studied and highly trained lovers of Chinese martial arts. Watching the skills displayed we are reminded of the power and beauty in this vast art. This well-attended showcase in Monterey Park (Los Angeles), sponsored by the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts […]


4th Annual Gathering of the Masters

Heading down to LA this weekend to attend Sifu Donald Hamby’s 4th Annual Gathering of the Masters, hosted by the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation. For those in the area, we highly recommend stopping by; we attended last year’s event and were pleased and delighted, not only by the great performances, but even more so […]


A Gathering Indeed

Friday, we drove south, over 350 miles to Monterey Park, in Los Angeles, in answer to Sifu Don Hamby’s invitation to attend his 3rd Annual Kung Fu Gathering of the Masters. Despite expectations based on decades of tournaments and events, we could not have anticipated what we encountered once the drumming started. Sifu Hamby, widely […]