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Yes, The Saber!

Another great weapons book, Black Tiger Claw Single Saber, from the prolific Paul Koh, this one on Tiger Claw’s Single saber. One of the many things we appreciate about Sifu Koh’s books is his emphasis on foundation as well as form and usage. A reader can easily learn and apply much from this text, even […]


WeaponsSpace Part 1

There is a resurgence of interest in weapons training, at least in some martial arts schools. For anyone wanting to really understand the nature of the martial arts, I think this is nothing but good. Weapons have for many centuries been a part of martial training and, I think they should remain so. After all, […]


A Fine Martial Hand

A few weeks ago, we were in San Francisco and stopped at one of our favorite shops, Brendan Lai Supply Co. Brendan, sadly, has been gone for several years, but the shop continues to operate under the experienced and expert guidance of his wife, Esther, and son, Al. A single post does not offer the […]


The Pooh of Tao 道

“There were giants among us in those days.” The Twenties and Thirties of our last, rapidly devaluing, century were indeed days of giants. It was a time when a hardy America began finding it’s distinct artistic and spiritual tones. And there was a need for someone with a steely eye and a fair heart to […]


The Art of the Chinese Saber

This is EXACTLY the type of book we love to be able to offer you at Plum. Jack Chen has translated an ancient classic and presented it with illustrations and text in the original Chinese characters, the pinyin translation, and English.


The Heron: my totem

from its long still legs the heron with awkward arching grace lifts my dream     Peter Thelin is an all around teacher. Besides professing economics in the California college system, he  taught Tai Chi at the Academy of Martial Arts, Santa Cruz. He has written a number of breakthrough instructional books on economics not […]