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Another Classic Returns: Grandmaster James Mitose on Self Defense in Kenpo

Although Plum, almost exclusively, represents books and videos on traditional Chinese martial arts, there are times when we bow or nod to important works from among our cousins; in this case, it is GM James Mitose’s classic treatise on Self-Defense techniques and theory, What Is Self Defense, that strongly influenced the development of Kenpo (often […]


Dennis Rovere’s Chinese Military Combat Series

Happy to announce the addition of Dennis Rovere’s 2 Volume (3 Disk) DVD series, Secret Fighting Skills of the Chinese Military. Mr Rovere, an Independent Scholar who has both trained and taught widely in Combat Techniques, is also represented on Plum by his popular and authoritative book and DVD, Xing Yi Quan of the Chinese […]


Knights of Kung Fu

There is a word I would like to add to our martial vocabulary: WuXia. This translates pretty well into the English term, Knight-Errant (travelling knight). Wu of course is the word for “martial,” as in Wushu (martial arts). Xia (shee-ah) is a Chinese word composed of the characters for person and “in the middle,” somewhat […]