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Glance: Four-Star Bagua Book/DVD

When we have a moment we record these mini-video reviews to give you an inside look at the new arrivals and products on display. Browse for a minute. It’s like taking a book off the shelf…     Reviews: Sun Zhi Jun’s You Shen (Swimming Body) Bagua Zhang Book/DVD    


A National Treasure: Sun Zhi Jun

It has been the most exciting summer in the history of this company. We have found and rescued and re-issued more texts and DVDs than ever before. People are writing to us every day and mentioning a teacher they had no chance to see, or a form they had been tracking down and finally located […]


Another Dragon Sighting…

..and this one has just landed. Our co-publishing venture with CS Tang has emerged, as Dragon Stretches Its Claws returns to our pages and the world stage, after a wait of more than 4 years (Today, searching for this book online, yielded prices of over $220! ). CS Tang and Plum Publications brings back this […]